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7 Awesome DIY Ideas to Brighten Your Walls in 2022

7 Awesome DIY Ideas to Brighten Your Walls in 2022

Let’s face it; a blank wall is like a blank canvas that needs your touch to transform into something unique and eye-catching. While buying a painting or hanging a photograph is a good place to start, why not make it truly personal and adorn it with super easy DIY wall hangings or modular switch plates? Need some inspiration? Let’s begin.

1.Easy Peasy Wallpaper:

It’s difficult to argue the impact smooth papering has when you see a room papered up, notwithstanding the benefits and downsides of wallpapering. While wallpaper may initially cost more than some more straightforward DIYs, covering a large wall in an office, bedroom, or dining area is a terrific way to change the appearance without worrying about your DIY artistic ability.

2.Put up a pegboard

A living room pegboard is the ideal fusion of form and function since it is attractive enough to stand alone as a work of art while also providing storage. It’s time to pick up this useful material on your next shopping trip if you haven’t tried using pegboard in your home.

3.Fabricate Something Beautiful:

Got a stunning saree you no longer wear? Or a scarf that has a small tear that makes it unusable? Don’t throw them away. Use them to create an interesting wall art instead of framing them. You can layer multiple frames to create an interesting juxtaposition of texture and colour!

4.Frame And Hang ‘Em Up:

Add elegance and personality to your interior with a wall of the frame. Take different-sized frames and hang them up arbitrarily. That’s not all; add to the overall aesthetic using warm lighting to bring some fuzzy vibes to your space!

5.Contrast for the Win:

Pair your wall colours with contrasting pieces to make them pop. For example, Fuschia-coloured walls with smart switches in colours that pop, an emerald green wall with a hand-painted yellow vase etc. Let your imagination guide you!

6.Switch Plates & Switch Boards for a Timeless Look

Highlighting dull walls with unique switch plates has never been easier. Ensure flawless decor in every room with Legrand’s modular switch plates and switchboards, available in several styles for all your interior aesthetic needs.

7.Map It Out:

This one is for those who have a case of chronic wanderlust and is wonderfully versatile. One way to go about it is by taking a giant map, framing its pieces, and hanging them up to create a whole. If that’s not your style, just frame and hang the map and mark the places you have visited by thumb-tacking photographs you have clicked on your visit there.

What are you waiting for? Get DIYing! And while you’re at it, browse through Legrand’s range of smart modular switch plates and switchboards to brighten your walls even further.

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