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7 IoT Smart City Trends on the Rise in 2021

7 IoT Smart City Trends on the Rise in 2021

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Emerging technologies, especially ones in the IoT Home Automation sector, are becoming highly advanced.

With easier access to the internet, individuals are more interested in smart solutions for the future.

One of these technologies is a ‘Smart City.’

What is a Smart City?

Smart cities are like a bubble of innovation that can collect and analyze huge amounts of data, structured or unstructured, from various industries.

They include multiple departments such as urban planning or even waste management, which pave the way for creating a sustainable and efficient environment for residents.

Smart city investments are projected to reach $158 Billion by 2022.

Since most developed countries have already accepted Smart Home Automation using IoT technologies, India is not far behind.

But, any smart city begins with smart homes.

The Role of IoT in Smart Cities

From a technological perspective, IoT plays an important role in efficiently managing the needs of citizens. Through IoT services, smart cities are becoming more accessible and energy-efficient.

And, with the help of devices like Arteor Switches, lighting management systems, and smart security, upgrading one’s home has never been easier.

Let’s look at some top IoT Home Automation, and Smart City applications transforming technology in 2021.

Smart City Trends That Will Shape the Future:

Smart Switches, Sockets & Sensor Lights
Smart switches and sockets are becoming more and more advanced with the help of IoT technology.

Through IoT sensors, you can now operate various machines and perform tasks from any place at the touch of a button.

As a part of Legrand’s ELIOT Connected Devices Program, you can have rolling blinds shut/open or even switch on/off multiple lights at once. In addition, our smart sockets are also connected to control your favorite electrical appliances remotely and make life more convenient.

Smart Lighting
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could manage all your lights with either one swipe, voice command, or flick of a switch?

What was considered magic yesterday is today’s reality.

With the help of smart lighting systems, you can now control the luminosity level of your entire house remotely.

That’s not all. Adaptive LED lights can also be administered easily through Legrand’s Arteor Smart Switches.

Smart Waste Management
IoT sensors help improve waste management, which is better for the environment and sustainable for all humans.

These sensors detect the amount of garbage present in various parts of the city, so sanitation workers can effectively ensure waste is collected.

Through organising, robotising, and adding technology to this process, cities can become greener, cleaner and healthier.

Traffic Management
IoT technology can also help manage traffic congestion and ensure the smooth functioning of traffic loads.

Through real-time data received from traffic lights, IoT motion sensors placed at key locations diverge cars to less congested areas.

When the weather gets foggy or murky, these sensors can also detect and alert residents about possible hazardous conditions.

Fire Detection
Initially, incomplete information or false alarms would delay firefighters from reaching the area of emergency.

But now, with the help of edge computing, smart devices, and IoT, immediate alarms are sounded at the nearest emergency service location.

This technology alerts fire personnel about where smoke detectors have gone off and hence helps improve public safety and functioning.

Parking Sensors
With more and more urbanisation, cars in large cities often face parking issues.

Parallel parking has worsened the situation, leading to increased traffic on important roads and other areas.

To help with this; smart cities install IoT-based parking sensors that show car owners real-time data of available empty spaces.

Air Quality Monitoring
One of the highlights of smart cities is providing a higher quality of life to citizens by offering basic benefits such as shelter, internet services, and home security.

However, all this has to be done by keeping a sustainable environment in mind.

Therefore, smart cities monitor the environment and identify sources that cause pollution. Air index monitoring sensors help improve air quality and allow the city to pinpoint and boost environmental health.

The Future of Smart Cities and Smart Home Automation Using IoT

Owing to IoT Home Automation devices and technology, smart cities are the future. Various products like smart switches, smart lighting, and water monitoring are making these areas a more sustainable option.

Over the next five years, we will witness increased digitisation and Smart Home Automation using IoT. Of course, many people are already aware of such emerging technologies. However, with the advent of cutting-edge innovations, older technology will also be adapted to IoT. Life has become more convenient with the rise of connected devices. Not only for smart cities, even for individuals in their personal space, like offices and homes. Such are the benefits provided by Legrand’s Connected Objects Program, ELIOT. This range of smart home technology is an intelligent treatment that awaits you.

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