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9 Decorative Switch Plate Options for Your Home

9 Decorative Switch Plate Options for Your Home

While the world hustles in black and white, sit back, take a deep breath, and search for the colour all around you.

For starters, glance around your room. On a scale of dull to 10, what would you rate it? (Remember, plain whitewashed walls = a 3-point deduction). 

Below a 5? You’ve come to the right place. 

We at Legrand are committed to transforming unornamented homes into works of exquisite, detailed artistry. 

Keeping ethnic Indian flavours and designeering in mind; our Myrius NextGen Switch Plate collection is everything, and more you need to ensure your decor stands out from the crowd. 

Take a look:

What is Myrius NextGen?

Indian architecture is world-renowned. Ever wondered why? 

The sheer craftsmanship, colour blends, motifs, and striking patterns create a lasting effect on viewers’ minds. 

So, after being inspired by these ethnic works of art, we crafted a collection of sleek light switch plates – The Motif Collection; to add a dash of colour and surprise to your home decor. 

Designed with the latest In-Mold Decoration (IMD) technology, ensuring a fusion of exceptional finesse and functionality, our designer plates are a category-first innovation that provides durability for years on end.

Ready to meet the stars of our collection? Here they are:

The Myrius NextGen Motif Collection

  1. Ice White Switch Plates: 


Ice White was inspired by the colossal and mighty Himalayan Range, which boasts the third-largest deposit of snow in the world. 

Like these glaciers, our wallplates evoke a sense of awe in every bystander. 

So, if you’re ready to add a touch of majesty to your home, upgrade by installing our minimalistic, all-while modular plates, and watch as your guests melt with envy. 

  1. Ice Black Switch Plates:

Here we have a sinful yet classy range of modular plates inspired by the Blackbuck. With its unique and mighty features, this endangered species has been the subject of countless art pieces and murals. 

If you, too, would like to pay homage to this beautiful creature, our switch plates, with their distinct glazed finish, ensure complete immortalisation. 

  1. Pearl Champagne Switch Plates:

One particular ensemble stands miles apart when it comes to Indian ethnic wear; unique, shiny silk sarees. Fortunately, our Pearl Champagne range of switch plates embodies this style perfectly. 

Exuding opulence, elegance, and joy, these wall plates, like their fabric-filled counterparts, refract light at various angles, adding a touch of life to any home. 

So, if traditional Indian clothes are your guilty pleasure, modular plates from this vibrant collection are a must-have. 

  1. Sonic Silver Switch Plates:

Kings and Queens, unite!

Inspired by the land of royalty, colour, culture, and spectacular, our Sonic Silver switch plates are the definition of rustic. 

Complete with traditional folk elements, this home decor piece highlights minuscule details required to capture royalty. 

Plus, its sleek finish and designer look is the perfect embodiment of old-age modernism. 

  1. Dark Fade Switch Plates:

Hidden deep in the impenetrable jungles of South West India – miles and miles of pepper plantations. What if we told you, you could experience the authentic ambience of these peppers in the comfort of your own home? 

That’s right; our Dark Fade Switch Plate collection adds a touch of zing to every interior. 

Its sleek body and fiery aura are all you need to add that extra ‘oomph’ factor to your existing decor. 

  1. Interlude Switch Plates:

It may be 2021, but our love for vintage never dies. 

Especially when we remember our ancestors wrapped in warm shawls, enveloped with ethnic designs from the Ajrakh form of block printing, once popular in Kutch and Barmer. 

With Legrand, you can now decorate any blank canvas in your home with this age-old artsy nudge that will surely spruce up your walls and add a touch of heritage. 

  1. Trinity Switch Plates:

While gathering inspiration from North India, we came across the intricate jaali designs from beautiful palaces in Jaipur and Udaipur. The detailed sculpting Rajasthani architecture is known for has been perfectly showcased by our classy Trinity Wall Plates. 

This age-old motif has slowly but surely transformed and merged with the modern world; and is ready to take its true form in your home. 

  1. Luminar Switch Plates:

Continuing on the Indian Heritage train, we make our way to the ancient art of Kolum from Tamil Nadu. 

These drawings, created from rice powder, were carefully designed, keeping six complex mathematical rules and principles in mind. Our ancestors believed doing so would bestow luck and prosperity upon all inhabitants. And that’s precisely what our Luminar Modular Plates aim to accomplish.

  1. Stellar Switch Plates:

Last but not least, we’re excited to celebrate the union of past and present spaces with our Stellar Switch Plates, inspired directly by the palatial walls of Jaipur.

With its age-old charm and intricate pattern, this royal piece will surely ensure your room exudes a touch of panache when paired with grand beds and stunning drapes. 

So, now that we’ve taken you through our entire collection, which one is your favourite? No need to pick; check out the entire range and more on our website. 


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