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Change for the better: Give your living room a makeover

What is trendy and in fashion today, is not necessarily something that will remain so 10 or maybe even 5 years later. The same holds true for your living room, therefore the need to change it periodically. Unless you’re hoping that the fashion cycle comes back and your design sense becomes trendy again and if you think that a living room makeover is something that is sure to ruin your budget, then you couldn’t be more wrong! Here are a few minor changes you can undertake to give your living a fresh and trendy look!
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#1 Out of sight and trendy: Living rooms are clutter traps. Books, cords, toys and more, all vie for space in our living rooms, making the often small space appear even smaller. Investing in the right storage can not only transform the way your living room looks but also help in organising as well. Fabric bins, sofas with storage spaces or even a repurposed chest as your centre table can add on to the storage and increase appeal.

#2 Let’s hang: Things from the wall that is! Photos, that painting you bought on your trip to Paris, the interesting map you inherited from your grandfather, hang them all up on your walls and watch your living room glow! You can even create some DIY artwork to showcase your creativity.

#3 Load up on fabrics: Gauzy cotton curtains, bright neon cushions, one giant rug, your living room is the place to show off an interesting blend of texture and colours. Don’t be afraid to go bold! Short on your budget? A change of cushion covers can also do the trick!

#4 The right light: Does the trick every time! Play around with a variety of functional and ambient lights to create the atmosphere of your choice. With modern LED lighting one can even change the light colour according to one’s needs. So a bright medley of pinks, blues and purples when you’re having a party to a warm amber glow when you’re chilling at home, you can have both and at a price that won’t put a hole in your wallet!

#5 Pick your colour: Finding the right colour scheme for your living room is the key to cultivating a stunning aesthetic. Whether you choose to go monochromatic or choose a riot of colours to dazzle the eye, pick a colour scheme that fits your home and personality and stick to it. This gives your home a seamless luxurious look even on a budget and makes it look well put together.

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