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Choosing The Best Switches & Coloured Switch Plate Covers

Choosing The Best Switches & Coloured Switch Plate Covers

Revamping the interior design of homes every once in a while never fails to add a breath of fresh air to it. From electronic items to electricals, intelligence, functionality and aesthetics are vital. 

At Legrand, we believe electric switches have a significant purpose. Colourful switches to compliment home decor are becoming increasingly popular. 

Are you planning on adding a splash of colour to your house? If yes, you should always purchase the best electric switches with colourful switch plate covers. At Legrand, we want our users to live the advantage. We have an array of switch plate covers, suitable for various interior design needs. Selecting the best switches for your house is now easier than ever. Our detailed guide below will give you direction on what you should look for when investing in switches. 

Britzy Switches are suitable for almost every home decor style. With colours like Herb Beige, Warm Orange Silver, Orange Chrome, and Urban Bronze, these switches are useful in increasing the “wow” factor of your house.

Colour Light Switches & Their Safety

Not considering safety precautions while using electronic devices is dangerous. It always helps to consider the safety aspect before purchasing switches. 

Fortunately, most electric switch manufacturers focus on the safety aspect. If electrical switches are not safe, they may pose a risk of short circuit or electrocution. 

In short, use only the safest switches available.

Using standard switch plates is not trendy any longer. Nowadays, manufacturers are producing electric switchboards with voice connectors, USB chargers, fan regulators, and buzzers. This adds a lot of utility to the standard switchboard. 

Choosing Switches to Complement Your Home Decor

Choosing the correct switch for your electric switchboard is essential. It becomes trickier when considering it from a home decor perspective. In such cases, users should be extra cautious. Many brands sell a variety of colourful switches and switch plates. But, choosing the right one is critical, as your safety depends on it as well. Here are a few points that you should consider before choosing the right switch to complement your home decor:

#1 – Consider Safety First 

While shortlisting the best colour switches for your home, safety must be a paramount priority. Choosing decorative switches to suit your needs is not the only factor to keep in mind. It would help to consider the safety ratings before purchasing the product. Ignoring the same could lead to grave consequences for homeowners.

Child Proof

A fundamental concern in households with toddlers is electrical safety. Modular switches offer enhanced safety in comparison to conventional socket designs. These switches have built in retracing shutters and can automatically disconnect the flow of currents. Quality switches also reduce the risk of electrical fires. While searching for switches and sockets for your home, your child’s safety should be a top priority. 

#2 – Compatibility 

Not all switches are suitable for electric switchboards. The dimensions and connection requirements vary each time. Therefore, checking your home for switchboard compatibility is essential. Choosing the right switch with appropriate dimensions, and connection is a must. Additionally, do consider buying pre-built electric switchboards which suit your home decor needs. 

#3 – Colour

Many switch manufacturers use colours that wear off quickly. This affects home decor and ambience significantly. Make sure to purchase electric switches from popular, trustworthy brands over new ones. 

While revamping our homes, homeowners usually spend most of the time obsessing over paints and wallpapers. It’s safe to say that switch plate covers are often ignored. At Legrand, we closely follow Pantone’s Colour Trends every year. Our products are aesthetically designed, keeping these trends in mind:

  • Go Metallic: 

Investing in a bottle of metallic spray paint and conducting your very own in-house home decor DIY project may seem like it’s the easiest thing to do. But beware, always make sure to opt for a tone that compliments other metal accents in the room. If your room is scattered with elements of brass, adding stainless steel to the mix wouldn’t be such a good idea. 

  • Add Contrast With Black:

For contrast and a bit of mystery, using black switch plates can exude a sense of classiness. Their graphic properties will be sure to grab the attention of visitors. 

  • Solid Colours:

Using solid coloured switch plates has become increasingly popular. Legrand’s Britzy Switch comes with an array of colour plates to choose from. Complimenting your interior design with Britzy’s range of shock-proof, safe switches has never been easier!

#4 – Longevity 

Modular switches are known to have a longer lifespan than ordinary ones. Legrand’s Britzy switches have a lifespan of more than 1,00,000 clicks. That’s a great bargain for the price you’re paying, don’t you think? 

Home decor involves revamping internal home elements. Light switches and electric switchboards should also be replaced regularly to match the interior design. As stated before, there are a variety of switches to choose from, but selecting the one that suits your needs is tricky. Having a rough idea of your needs is necessary. 

At Legrand, we are huge advocates of Britzy Switches. They follow our “Live the Advantage,” philosophy and provide numerous benefits to end-users. These branded switches with safety ratings and colourful switch plates make them suitable for any home decor.

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