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Digital Trends Shaping IoT in India!

Ask Indians what’s the next big thing in technology. The most common answer will be ‘5G’ – everyone’s waiting for it.
5G can be one of the biggest digital trends in India, which dictates the future of AI and IoT.
Yes, the IoT is for real, and sooner or later, it’s going to make its impact on the Indian economy too. While we already know that the internet of things is a reality, let’s discuss the trends that are shaping IoT in India.

Indian companies investing in analytics
Luckily, Indian companies have recognised the immediate need to invest their money in technologies that help them with the analytics of their business. With the bundle of customer data increasing every second, it becomes essential to invest in a system that can gather the data, evaluate it, and bring out insights atthe push of a button. This gives great scope forAI and the internet of things to make their presence felt in the Indian market.

The processes in manufacturing industries
The manufacturing processes in most large scale manufacturing companies are observing a change. With the rise in demand from Indian customers, we see companies looking for ways to manufacture more and sell more. In the coming years,IoT-based projects will bring about a big revolution in the manufacturing industry. These industries also become potential beneficiaries of the IoT security that can help them safeguard their technology like never before.

Acceptance of subscription-based businesses
We have been privy to the rise of various food and entertainment start-ups and online platforms that promise to provide services for cheap, based on a subscription model. Every day, these companies find their download numbers and active users increasing.
These trends mentioned above are ensuring that we live in an increasingly connected and smart world. The globe, as we know it, is shrinking as we speak (metaphorically). And India is set to play a big role.

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