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Diwali Celebrations with an (IoT)wist

Diwali is one of India’s most celebrated festivals. On the day, houses, neighbourhoods, streets, and shops are decked with beautiful lights. And in each Indian state, the celebrations and customs differ, making it a vibrant, diverse yet inclusive festival. It is this inclusivity that makes Indian celebrations the most connected events, in terms of pure, unfiltered, human connections.
The festival of lights is around the corner. We can see, you’re already dreaming of all the things you’re going to do. But are you too late to do them all?
Of course not! All you need is a little help from some smart home products. Get your house festival-ready in no time with smart home solutions from Legrand. We have the best range of products for almost every festive look, mood, and feel. What’s more, it’s all easily available on our website.

First of all, your home is going to be overrun with guests this festive season. Sometimes, you tend to open the door out of force of habit because of the sheer number of guests that have come in. How can you keep a watch on who’s coming in and who’s not during this sheer frenzy?

Our Classe 300 door phone is perfect for high-class settings, especially when it’s easily accessible from your smartphone. It’s also attractive, blending with your festive surroundings.

Even as your guests make their way around your beautiful house, they may also have children who could accidentally play with the switches – a potential party pooper. Arteor wireless switches are secure, efficient and aesthetic. You can place them anywhere you feel like around the house – which means you can keep them within reach of the adults and away from the children.

Now, to enhance the celebrations! The NUVO Sound bar can turn your Diwali party into a rocking festive celebration. That’s because it’s made up of Hi-fi components, connected via Wi-Fi or with wires to the home LAN network. It is specially designed to faithfully play digital music in several rooms.

Watch all these great pieces come together in no time – they’re easy to buy, easy to install and your home will be Diwali-ready in no time! A little heads-up though – you might get a lot more guests than you bargained for!
So, if you want to be Diwali-ready on time, all you need is a few solutions to turn your home into a smart one. Once installed, you’ll be set for every occasion.
Start prepping for the celebrations now. Make this Diwali of yours a Smart Diwali!

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