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Don’t Miss Out On Home Automation Systems In 2022

Don’t Miss Out On Home Automation Systems In 2022

Connected smart gadgets and appliances are used in house automation systems to control and monitor home operations. These cutting-edge smart devices give security, convenience, energy efficiency, decreased utility bills, and more to users all over the world.

The increasing adoption of Internet of Things technology is expected to promote the growth of the home automation industry. Similarly, increased millennial homeownership and disposable income in wealthy countries fuel automated home demand. Furthermore, major industry rivals are focusing on developing new solutions to improve home management efficiency and convenience.

In 2020, the worldwide home automation market was expected to be valued at USD 64.58 billion. Between 2021 and 2028, the market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 12.3%. Control4 Smart Home OS 3, Legrand Lighting Management, Honeywell Security System, Savant Pro Remote X2, Johnson Hx Thermostat, and other devices are included in the project’s scope. COVID-19 had an unprecedented and devastating global impact during the pandemic, with home automation seeing a large increase in demand in all countries.

Home Automation Trends in 2022

Rather than preparing for an upgrade year down the road, people are purchasing homes now with an eye on the existing smart home equipment. Right now, these are some of the most popular smart home technology innovations.

    • Health And Safety

Another trend prompted by the pandemic is that for the year 2021, several smart home tech companies are focused on, or at least emphasising on health benefits. Smart thermostats have long been one of the most popular smart tech items. Still, some new features include humidity sensors to help with air quality, and stand-alone humidity sensors are also becoming more popular.

Smart air cleaners and air conditioners are becoming increasingly popular as a strategy to improve and sustain air quality throughout the worldwide health crisis. Some smart doorbells can measure a visitor’s temperature, allowing users to screen visitors for one of the most basic symptoms of Covid-19; a fever, before letting them in.

Advanced smart toilets go beyond your standard toilets, employing sensors to analyse waste to provide insight into the user’s health and notify them of any problems that may arise, in the hopes that users would seek professional care before the problem develops.

    • Integration

One of the top smart home trends for 2021 is how smart home technology is becoming fully integrated. It has practically evolved into a need rather than a luxury, and rising expectations have increased connectivity and simplicity of use.
More smart home devices are beginning to communicate with one another purely based on integration. Instead of individual Google Home speakers, you may set up different rooms in your house with groups of integrated smart home devices. A lighting system may control the lights in your home and follow specific patterns you set up to turn lights on and off around the house according to your schedule and needs.

The Future of Smart Home Automation

Considering the current demand, most of these new devices will be smart power outlets, speakers, light bulbs, video doorbells, remote-activated locks, and surveillance cameras.

However, the smart home industry claims that this is only the beginning, as it promotes a new concept known as “contextual awareness.”

Alarm clocks read the owner’s schedule and change themselves accordingly. Health sensors detect signs of disease and provide medical guidance automatically. The software dims lights and plays music based on a person’s habits or apparent mood.

Integrating smart home automation devices into your daily routine is the only way to develop a smart ecosystem for your home. Here are a few of Legrand’s best to get you started!

Myrius Nextgen Ceiling Loudspeaker
It is loudspeaker fixed in the ceiling for listening to any audio or music. it mounts directly in ceiling and is equipped with clips for attachment.

Skirting Light With Motion Detect

A built-in motion detector allows you to create lit trails with these skirting lights.

They help prevent falls by helping people get their bearings in the dark without having to turn on the light.

Display Thermostat

Whether or not a central temperature unit is present, you can use it to control the temperature of a single zone.

A temperature probe and a contact line connection input are included (e.g. window contact).

You can use it to control various systems and change the fan speed when fan coils are used.

The smart home ecosystem is the way of the future because it anticipates customer requirements and provides them with a new connected, convenient, and intelligent lifestyle and the ability to link to future smart cities. Innovation will rise due to this “new normal,” and Legrand wishes to accompany us on this journey!


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