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Door Phone Installations in housing societies


In today’s day and age, watchmen and CCTV cameras are expected from every building or society. What is an additional security measure you can offer to your patrons? Video Door Phone System is the answer. They provide that extra layer of security that is needed for residents to feel secure in their own homes. Plus, it also records and shows who is at the door without the need of opening a door to converse with the visitor.

The D45 System from Legrand is equipped with essential features for the security of your patrons –

Quantity – A total of 4000 apartments can be connected with this system, which makes it convenient for a builder to have one at every home they offer up for sale.

Installation – Ease of installation is an important factor since you consider it for an entire society. The D45 System uses UTP cables along with the RJ45 connections, which makes installing door phones a simple process.

Tamper Proof – A door phone should be tamper proof. It is important that this feature is highlighted because it doesn’t make sense to have a security device that can be tampered with in any way. The D45 System comes with the anti-tamper sensor for better security. So be it during the day or night, you are rest assured that your audio door phone is secure.

Durability – A door phone for a bungalow should be weather proof, along with being tamper proof. Especially in India, where we experience weather conditions in its harshest forms, having a door phone that stands the test of time is essential. The D45 System features Protection Degree IP54, which makes it suitable for critical environments.

Be it bungalows or societies, Legrand security system ensures to cater to your safety protocol. It’s always a better option to have a few models picked out for consideration depending on the size of the offering.

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