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Future Home Technologies You Will Love

A lot of the futuristic technology we see today was only thought possible in sci-fi movies earlier. In fact, some of the more exciting and futuristic elements are already on their way into our homes. Advances in technology have to the point where controlling our TVs, lights or even our thermostats from our smartphone is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of the home technologies set to take over our homes.

Smart appliances

Touchscreen enabled refrigerators and washing machines are already hitting the market but the segment still has a lot of space to grow. Imagine a fridge that has your favourite glass of juice chilled to the perfect temperature for you, ordered from your phone or a washing machine that can be controlled from your office with a few quick taps.

The best thing about smart appliances is that they can only get smarter and learn our preferences to make our lives smarter.

Energy efficient tech

Home automation is known to decrease energy expenditure by over 35 percent, so it is no surprise that energy efficiency is set to be the next biggest thing in town. Future air-conditioners will keep a track of the energy expenditure and notify the user when the filters need replacing. Home automation systems too will start to come with an energy tracker that will map out the home’s energy consumption and advice the user about how to control their usage.

Centralised entertainment

Futures homes are set to contain a much more streamlined and centralised entertainment system than what is available now.

This means users can not only control what they wish to listen to anywhere in the house but can also control the volume of individual rooms from their smartphones.

Smarter toilets

Smarter toilets are already the norm in Japan where the average toilet provides heated seats, odour and sound control, touch-free flushing, and motion-activated cover and seat. While smarter toilets may seem like a silly thing to invest in, no one can deny the comfort and convenience that one can provide, starting with the fact that the toilet seat not being a freezing cold place to place your bottom on a cold morning.

Lighting controls

Turning on and off the lights manually? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Lighting control in the future is all set to be intuitive and voice or app controlled. So you can walk into your home with the lights set to the right brightness and the air conditioner on the perfect setting, without wasting energy keeping them turned on since the time you left. Advanced lighting is becoming more commonplace and they will soon be a standard feature in many homes.

Automated robots

While many people dread the advent of a robot revolution, the point is that robots are already in our homes. Devices like the Roomba may not be the humanoid robot of sci-fi dreams but they are autonomous machines that go about cleaning the home. Future robots are in development and are slated to be devices that can not only clean but also serve drinks and tidy up.

The future of home technology is here. So sit back, relax and let the future unfold.


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