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Give Your Home A Tech Makeover With Home Automation

Give Your Home A Tech Makeover With Home Automation

Here’s an interesting fact: By 2023, the requirement for smart home-connected systems will reach 53.9%. (Source)

What Exactly Is Home Automation?

The automatic control of technological gadgets in your home is called home automation. Because these gadgets are linked to the Internet, you may operate them remotely. Home automation allows devices to trigger one another, eliminating the need to control them manually via an app or voice assistant. It improves your quality of life and saves you money on your heating, cooling, and power costs.

Introduction to High-Tech Homes in 2022

Several technology breakthroughs in the home automation field have begun to seep into homes and spaces, with the current pandemic hastening the process.

According to McKinsey, the Internet of Things (IoT) market would be worth $11.1 trillion by 2025. As a result, the requirement to organise data from smart home devices and sensors will continue to expand exponentially. We are in a transition period in which smart houses must evolve into intelligent and sustainable homes. As we approach 2023, smart homes will continue to evolve as all-encompassing, intuitive, and intelligent settings that delight and stimulate possibilities.

The Importance of Device Integration To Build A High-Tech Home

Home Automation aids in the creation of a custom-tailored environment in your home that meets your lifestyle requirements. While devices have a variety of functions to help you achieve this, comprehensive integration allows you to have a unified smart home experience across devices. The smart home integration process is dependent on smart home devices that both match your needs and collaborate to create an all-encompassing, user-friendly solution.

You can regulate how your smart home devices behave with home automation through voice control or scheduled settings. Most smart home hub systems feature an app for remotely accessing your house’s equipment in addition to direct voice commands.

Benefits of a High-Tech Home

  • Accessibility:By integrating your smart home devices, you will be able to control all aspects of your home environment with simple voice commands. Customisation allows you to construct a home schedule for more flexibility.
  • Safety: Knowing you can set up alerts and notifications for home security cameras and doorbells, motion detection, and even window and door sensors provide some peace of mind.
  • Potential Savings: With smart thermostats and smart light bulbs, automation has the potential to create a more energy-efficient household. You can program these devices to run only when you want them to.
  • Remote Control Functions: Yes, you may control the operations of your home from a distance. For example, on a very hot day, you can instruct your house to cool down precisely in time for you to arrive home from work.
  • Energy Efficiency: Depending on how you utilise your smart-home equipment, you can make your area more energy-efficient. Lights and motorised shades, for example, can be programmed to transition to an evening mode when the sun sets. You can program lights to turn on and off automatically as you enter or leave the room, eliminating the need to worry about wasting energy.

High-Tech Products for Your Home

By adding appliances and devices that you can operate from anywhere, you can make your house a little more livable—and a lot more automated.

Arteor by Legrand is a radio-based solution for connected homes. Smart products use the radio to connect, so one does not need extensive cabling or intense planning beforehand.

The Arteor range by Legrand aims to make networked digital tech as accessible as possible for living spaces, designers and whoever else needs it. Here are a few products from the Arteor range that will improve the quality of life.

  1. Display Thermostat
    • Whether or not a central temperature unit is present, you can use it to control the temperature of a single zone.
    • A temperature probe and a contact line connection input are included (e.g. window contact).
    • You can use it to control various systems and change the fan speed when fan coils are used.
  2. Living Now – PIR flush Mounting Motion Sensor
    • Passive IR movement sensor.
    • It is suited for detecting the presence in public locations such as corridors and restrooms.
  3. Arteor – Light Dimmer 60 – 400 W
    • 60 – 400 Watts and 240 Volts
    • For incandescent and halogen bulbs with “OFF” and gradual dimming.

Legrand feels that constant improvement is essential. We anticipate our clients’ needs with technologically advanced goods and, as a result, have developed a range of wired and wireless home automation solutions that are completely adjustable and meet the most rigorous aesthetic preferences.

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