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How To Get Started With A Voice Assistant For Your Home

So you’ve brought home the new virtual assistant. It must be a very exciting feeling to have the weather, news, traffic and all other updates at your hand with just a simple voice command, but did you know that the device can help you create a smart home too? That’s right! You can use your voice assistant to set up a whole host of programmes for your home and make it a smarter place to live in. Let’s take a look at how.

Set your temperature: In a hot climate like India, the air conditioner is on most of the time if not always. Now, instead of hunting for the AC remote every time you wish to regulate the temperature, just invest in a smart AC, connect it to your voice assistant and set the temperature by voice command! Forgot to switch the AC off when you left the room? Don’t worry, just tell your smart speaker about it and it’ll switch it off for you! Not just ACs, if you invest in a smart plug, you can even make them control the fans!

Light up!: Automated lighting is the next big thing and voice assistants are there to help! Use voice commands to switch the lights on and off, set the brightness and in the case of LEDs, even set the colour of the lights! You can set the lights to go on at specific times so as to give an impression that the home is occupied when you’re on a holiday too.

Let the entertainment begin: The age of remotes is over. With a voice assistant, all you have to do is command and your favourite show is ready to stream on your smart TV or your favourite music is playing as you cook.

Be more secure: Smart speakers like Alexa can be connected to your home security system so that you can sleep in peace knowing that you are in safe hands.

So what are you waiting for? Smarten up your home with a voice assistant today!

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