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Improving lives. One innovation at a time.

Improving lives. One innovation at a time.

The greatest purpose of life is to be happy, right? And happiness often comes with ease in life. Improvements in and around us that makes living an absolute breeze.

With each passing year, humanity is reinventing ways of improving lives, with the help of technology, design and intelligence. At Legrand, we are aligned to pursuing every possible avenue in the realm of breakthrough technology, cutting-edge design and connectivity and intelligence, like never-before. Because improving lives every day is our greatest purpose.
Making rapid strides in the fields of energy distribution, data center solutions, home automation, IoT, and other connected solutions, Legrand is transforming the spaces where we all live, work or meet. Seemingly ‘dead’ spaces are coming alive with the magic of intuitive transformation that once again improves lives.

And be it a Legrand switch or an MCB, a Legrand plug and socket or a Legrand busbar trunking system, Legrand server technology or a UPS, a Legrand video door phone or a motion sensor – every single product we design is simple, innovative and sustainable.

Over 150 years of constant innovation has helped us understand that improving lives means creating products that offer more comfort, more security and greater energy efficiency. From Arteor to Lyncus all our ranges adhere to this philosophy. And when it comes to products for business needs, Legrand offers connected solutions which combine the power of data and intelligence with the simplicity and agility of open and interoperable systems. This makes the digital transformation of any business or building – big or small, extremely easy.
Improving lives of individuals should never come at the cost of the collective. At Legrand, we’ve made sustainability one of our defining pillars. From offering technology and solutions for sustainable workspaces and homes to going the whole hog and implementing planet-friendly manufacturing processes in place to create the vast range of our offerings, we are leaving no stone unturned.

From engineers working on products that you eventually use, to people supporting you at the backend to answer any query you may have about our products, to our dealers and managers – everyone at Legrand is committed to improve each of their own capabilities and responsibilities. Just so that as a group, we can confidently and passionately keep improving lives, across India and the world, for years to come.

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