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IoT Smart Home: Why Smart Home Security Is Best for Your Home

IoT Smart Home: Why Smart Home Security Is Best for Your Home

The smart home security system is a great tool for protecting your property since it provides total control of everything inside and outside of your house.

The market today is undergoing a full-scale transformation, or as we like to call it – a digital revolution. In 2017, there was a 31% increase in connected devices as compared to 2016. It has been estimated that the total number of connected devices has reached 20 billion this year. You read that right, 20 Billion!
Technology is evolving day-by-day, alongside us. And the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the newest additions to the world of technology. With the IoT, all eligible electronic devices can be interconnected and share data. Home automation, a growing market, is being achieved with the help of IoT devices. These smart devices often work with voice commands and follow the rules of automation.
One of the most crucial aspects of smart home automation with IoT is security. Traditional ways to secure your home are now outdated. At Legrand, we feel you can only live the advantage by upgrading to smarter, durable and safer replacements. With smart security devices, like the ones we manufacture, you can monitor all aspects of your home.
Once we take you through the benefits of smart home security for your house, we guarantee you’d want to invest in it!

What is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things. It’s a technology that connects various smart devices. These devices are then linked to one another. The internal network allows users full control over this equipment. Appliances like refrigerators, AC, lights, etc. can be a part of IoT as well. When it comes to convenience at home, IoT compatible devices are recommended. Almost all household electronics are a part of the Internet of Things, from smartwatches to bulbs to fans; everything can be interconnected. Western countries are already adapting to the IoT, and it has become an essential household technology over the past few years.

Benefits of IoT & Smart Home Security

We believe the four significant benefits of smart home technology are:

    • Security
    • Comfort
    • Energy Savings
    • Assisted Living

Home Security System – Part of IoT

Home security is an essential part of the Internet of Things. Artificial intelligence and IoT is excellent for smart security. With CCTV cameras, doorbells, smart lights and many other alert systems, closely monitoring your home has never been easier!

Why Do You Need Smart Home Security?
Home security is an essential part of our lives. Break-ins are extremely common these days. No should leave their house unprotected. Therefore, taking safety measures to amp up one’s home security system is crucial.
Home security can be improved with the Internet of Things. There are a ton of different IoT devices helpful in monitoring suspicious activity.
There is a high chance that your house could be infiltrated by a thief when you are away. Most thefts happen when homeowners are elsewhere. With smart home security devices that are interconnected, you can monitor your house quickly and efficiently.

Types of Smart Home Security IoT Devices

Multiple devices are part of IoT technology. But not all can help us monitor our place of residence. Listed below are a few devices that are an essential part of home security systems with IoT:

#1 – Smart Cameras

Smart Cameras play a crucial role in home security. Cameras that have internet connectivity are wireless and accessible from anywhere. These cameras include gate cameras, door cameras, CCTV cameras and also in-house cameras, like baby monitors.

#2 – Biometric Locks

Biometric lock systems are ubiquitous nowadays. Biometrics are widely used in offices. They are an essential part of home security as well. In modern houses with smart home security, entry is restricted with biometric authentication. Users can enter the house with a fingerprint or facial scan. The biometric locks are gaining popularity due to all-around security. They also eliminate the need for physical keys.

#3 – Video Door Entry Systems

The new Legrand Classe 300 makes it possible to interact with your voice and face. It allows users to control access to their homes, on-site or remotely, via their smartphone, tablet or car. This video door entry system is part of Legrand’s interoperability strategy and is compatible with voice assistants like Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Home; enabling users to enjoy the benefits of comfort and security.

#4 – Fire/Smoke Sensors

Fire/smoke sensors are crucial for any home. Usually, smart homes come with a CO (carbon monoxide) detector. These detectors are programmed to alert you whenever there is an unusually high level of CO inside your house.

#5 – Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are critical for ensuring the safety of your home. These IoT sensors can alert you of any suspicious activity inside or around your home. They sense motion or vibration and can respond to 2D or 3D gestures.

#6 – Connected Switches

Legrand has introduced a new way to connect your home! Arteor Smart Switches. These switches can be controlled via a smartphone, tablet or voice control; Siri, Google Home and Amazon Echo. They allow you to control individual lights, curtains, electrical appliances and more, improving user experience and providing comfort every day. Talk about living the advantage!

#7 – Management Panel

Management Panels are usually smart tablets. For example, Legrand provides the MyHome Screen Tablet 3.5 for home security management. This panel allows access to devices connected by the IoT. It gives users access to all smart devices through the internet. Be it the camera footage, monitoring past data, other IoT devices, lights, door entry and more. Usually, such systems are linked to the IoT software to monitor and secure houses.

How are IoT Devices Good for Home Security

Gone are the days of constantly checking the locks and windows before stepping out of your home. Gone are the days spent in worrying about home security. That’s the world of living in a disadvantage!
Now, with only a few smart IoT devices, you can ensure all-around home security. It’s time to become intelligent citizens and adopt IoT. Not just home security, it’s also a giant step towards home automation. You don’t have to tap a switch to turn on your lights or fans. With IoT devices, you can do the same with your smartphone or even a remote control.
Isn’t it convenient to keep your house safe from threats? Monitoring and securing houses has become more comfortable with smart home security. It’s time to experience the advantages of connected homes!
We hope you’ve learnt a lot about the use of IoT devices for smart home security solutions from this article.
Do comment your thoughts and perceptions about complete home automation below. At Legrand, we consider it to be an integral part of the future. A future where everyone learns to live the advantage.
We want to know what you think :).

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