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Looking For An Induction Charger? Keep These Points In Mind!

In the last decade, Smartphones have become the most popular and useful gadgets. This gadget is indeed an excellent invention and has now become a necessity for everyone. But despite this evolution, the technology for durable battery still hasn’t been developed, which means we have to resort to frequent charging.

Wireless charging, also known as induction charging, allows you to charge your smartphone’s battery without a cable and plug. Most wireless charging devices are in the shape of a special pad or surface on which you place your phone to permit it to charge. 

Here are the 5 things you should remember before buying an induction charger for your smartphone:.

Choosing the Right Standard

Wireless charging works on a couple of standards, but the most common one is Qi The Qi standard is adopted by most phone manufacturers, including the likes of Samsung and Apple. An honest quality Qi charger has an over-voltage and overcharges protection, making it safe to use. You would possibly notice that your phone gets a bit warm while charging it wirelessly. This shouldn’t be a priority as most of those chargers have temperature control protection to counter overheating issues. Make sure you check the specifications on your mobile phone, before purchasing a wireless charger.

Choosing the Correct Wattage

The second most significant thing you should be looking at is the power output (wattage). Wireless chargers usually range between 5 to 10 Watts. With a good wireless charging pad, it is equally important to have good charging adapters and cables. Most decent quality wireless chargers bundle a wall adaptor together with a USB cable. A phone with support for higher wireless charging wattage can be also charged using a low (5W) wattage charger. However, this may have slow charging speeds. To be futureproofed, one can always search for a charger having support up to 10W. 

Choosing the Right Brand

A wireless charging pad remains a charger, and when it involves anything that passes an electrical current through your smartphone, you will want to be extra sure that nothing induces accidental frying. When in doubt, stick to brands with a good reputation for charging gear.

Choosing the Correct Design

Wireless chargers are available in different sizes and shapes. Some chargers have a pad design that might be circular, while some may have stand designs. Regardless of the planning, they need to possess a good grip that firmly holds the phone on the charging surface. Most chargers have LEDs to indicate the charging status.  

Choosing the Aesthetics

In light of the large choice of wireless chargers in the market, it is possible to decide on the charger to suit the environment. Often, they are white or black, with some models made in both colors. Other colors may be available for some induction chargers. 

It pays to take some time to look at the different wireless chargers available around, and choose the right one to buy. Certainly, the convenience of using them and the lack of wear on the connectors are two major benefits of using them.

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