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Modern Electrical Solutions for New Homes: An Interior Designer’s Guide

Modern Electrical Solutions for New Homes: An Interior Designer’s Guide

A rudimentary belief behind the modern interior design movement is “form follows function”. But when it comes to electricals the story is quite the opposite. 

So how can you ensure electrical wirings and switches complement the design of your home interior? How do you maintain the aesthetics of your electrical fittings without compromising on functionality? 

At Legrand, we are massive advocates of modern, smart interior design. While upgrading your home, why not live the advantage of smarter, durable and internet-connected technology? With smart security devices, like the ones we manufacture, monitoring all aspects of your home has never been so effortless.

Modern Interior Design Trends in 2020

Before we get into the fundamentals of home automation, we’ve curated a few crucial features of modern design:

#1 – Lines Are Clean & Decor Is Minimal

Preceding modern design were Gothic, Renaissance, and Victorian styles, incorporating heavy textures, ornamentation, and an array of dark and dramatic elements. Modern design rejected these, in favour of clean, straight lines, uncluttered spaces, and an overall lack of fussiness.

#2 – Neutral Is the Name of the Game

Shades of beige, black and white are the main colour palette for modern design, but it can incorporate colour as an accent, so long as it leans towards earthy.

#3 – Open Concept Floor Plans Are Favoured 

Essentially, furniture should transform spaces. Kitchen counters should provide a visual distinction from dining or living rooms. Abundant natural light is also imperative in helping spaces feel spacious and airy. 

 #4 – Using Natural Materials Are a Must

The modern design era ushered in new materials with which to craft furniture. Instead of sculpting out of wood, steel, plywood, and plastic are now used. It’s all about striking a balance between pure function and aesthetics. 

Modern Living: A Guide for Home Automation

Home automation referred to as “Smart Home Technology”, allows users to control all aspects of their home through the Internet of Things (IoT) and geofencing. – link to IoT article. 

A fundamental function of any home automation system is to integrate electrical devices with each other. In the past, systems controlled through home automation were hard-wired to a home’s electrical structure. Modern systems are often connected to the home’s computer network, letting homeowners control them from any computer, mobile devices and voice control. 

Setting up a whole-house home automation system can be a technical challenge for anyone without expertise in computer software and electrical engineering. 

Primary systems controlled by home automation include security, lighting, HVAC and outdoor sprinkler systems. When it comes to do-it-yourself home automation, entertainment and lighting can be effortlessly configured without a professional skill set.

Many systems that control lighting or home entertainment operate on a simple timer, ensuring that some or all of the home’s lighting fixtures and electronics can turn on or off at preset times. 

We, at Legrand believe the three noteworthy benefits of smart home integration are:

  • Security
  • Comfort
  • Energy Savings

Smart Home Basics 

Let’s begin with the essentials. Listed below are various smart, efficacious and functional smart home technology for the modern home.

#1 – Smart TV’s 

Smart TV’s allow users to watch anything, anytime without the additional hassle of installing a cable. These devices can be paired with smart speakers, remote controls and cameras, making your home even smarter. Now, that’s what we call living the advantage. 

#2 – Light Automation

When it comes to light automation, there are two options. The first involves installing smart light switches which can be controlled by an app, remote or voice control. The second option involves using smart bulbs. These bulbs allow for more lighting options like dimming or soft light, allowing homeowners to save energy. 

At Legrand, we pride ourselves in combining design and engineering. Our light dimmers are available in a range of neutral colours, perfect for the modern home. They come with “OFF” and gradual dimming options, allowing users to set the mood for a tranquil get-together.

#3 – Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are programmed to alert you when someone is at the front door. The actuator projects video footage of visitors as well. Using smart intercom technology allows users to interact with their guests and stream pictures, videos and data to their ubiquitous devices. 

The Legrand Classe 300 makes it possible to interact with your voice and face. It allows users to control access to their homes, on-site or remotely, via their smartphone, tablet or car. This video door entry system is part of Legrand’s interoperability strategy and is compatible with voice assistants like Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Home; enabling users to enjoy the benefits of comfort and security. 

#4 – Smart Refrigerators 

Smart devices, such as refrigerators connected to Wi-Fi, notify users how often they are being used, alert homeowners if a door is left open and transfer statistics directly to an app. Most app compatible refrigerators run diagnostics to make sure all processes are conducted smoothly.

#5 – Automated Fans 

Smart fans, like smart thermostats, can be controlled using an app or remote. These devices can be set to a schedule or can be set to sense when they are required, thereby turning on automatically. 

Automated lighting and entertainment systems require a connection to the homeowner’s electrical grid. They can be controlled remotely or via in-home controls. Self-installs for lighting and entertainment can be fairly straightforward, requiring only a power source and a connection between lighting or entertainment fixtures and an automation hub device. 

Major Smart Home Technology Trends

#1 – Decor Friendly Gadgets

What good is smart home technology if it clashes with the homeowner’s decor and aura? At Legrand, we ensure home automation technologies are pleasing to the eye, blending in with your room. We’re continuously up to speed with the latest design trends and colour palettes. The colours we use are continuously improved on, keeping in mind the Pantone Colour of the Year. 

#2 – Anti-Bacterial Switches

Your wellness is not just your priority; it’s ours too. Legrand’s Myrius Anti-Bacterial Switch with AG+ ions eliminates germs successfully, giving users the advantage of having one less thing to worry about.

#3 – AI-Powered VisualizAR App

Worried about how our products will look in your home? Experience the advantage of trying every switch before you purchase from us using Legrand’s AI-powered VisualizAR app. The future is now.

Home automation does not only remove complexities from our everyday lives, but also assists in increasing home value. 

Many interior design enthusiasts incorporate articles of modern style into their homes due to their simplicity and functionality. The same can be said for smart devices

Smart home products have become economical over the years, allowing homeowners to live the advantage. 

We’d love to know your thoughts on this upcoming modern smart home trend. Leave a comment below!

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