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Motifs That Will Add A Charm To Your Diwali Celebration!

Motifs That Will Add A Charm To Your Diwali Celebration!

With Diwali peeping around the corner, the whole of India is getting busy decorating their homes with lights, rangolis and flowers. Every nook and corner of India is decorated with bright, beautiful lights, cheer, and love. Each of the Indian states celebrates keeping in line with their unique traditions and culture, making this a celebration of diversity and inclusivity.

We know that the holiday season is never complete without giving your home a festive makeover. A valuable gift from the heart is what completes the celebration! This Diwali, we made this makeover job a little easier with our Myrius NextGen range.

What is Myrius NextGen?

Let’s put it this way, imagine India’s rich culture and heritage blended with sleek style and beautiful colours on a switch plate.

These designer modular plates from Myrius Next Gen Collection are the ideal combination of elegance and uniqueness to enrich your house. They reflect the love of Indian colours, and designs are reflected in these modular plates.

In-Mold Decoration (IMD) technology ensures a fusion of excellence and function, resulting in unique designer switch plates that deliver years of long-lasting durability.

With Motifs, You’ll Feel Like Royalty!

The Motif Collection by Myrius NextGen is designer switch plates that are modern and sleek, taking inspiration from Indian artistry and transforming blank panels into elegant and beautiful works of art. While being faithful to Indian culture and heritage, this collection exudes stunning elegance.

It has a wide range of nine different Indian cultural aspects of classic finishes, these are:

1. Interlude Switch Plates:

Your love for the vintage aesthetic is represented with this one. The Ajrakh form of block printing was once popular in Kutch and Barmer. Now, you can add a touch of heritage to any blank canvas in your home with these age-old artsy switch plates.

2. Trinity Switch Plates:

It is inspired by the beautiful and intricate designs from the astonishing palaces of Rajasthan. Over time, this age-old motif has slowly but surely adapted to the modern world. It is ready to manifest in your home fully.

3. Luminar Switch Plates:

According to our ancestors, the ancient art of Kolum from Tamil Nadu was created while following a complex mathematical principle that will bring luck and prosperity. It is precisely this goal that our Luminar modular plates aim to achieve.

4. Sonic Silver Switch Plates:

These modular plates are inspired by folk jewellery and capture the essence of royalty. Additionally, its sleek finish embodies old-school modernism with its designer look.

5. Dark Fade Switch Plates:

Inspired by the peppers from South-West India, these modular plates will add a touch of spice to your ambience.

6. Stellar Switch Plates:

The Stellar switch plate is inspired by the aesthetically pleasing palatial walls of Jaipur. These modular plates have an age-old charm that will make you feel like royalty.

7. Ice White Switch Plates:

The Ice White is inspired by the heavenly beauty of the mighty Himalayan Range. Just like glaciers, our modular plates will make you go awe in just one glance.

8. Ice Black Switch Plates:

The classy Ice Blank Switch Plate is inspired by the coat of Blackbucks. With their distinctive glazed finish, our switch plates assure the complete immortalisation of this magnificent creature.

9.Pearl Champagne Switch Plates:

The Pearl modular plates highlight the elegance and beauty of the shiny silk fabric. These wall plates refract the light at different angles, adding a touch of life to any home.

This holiday season, join us in #CelebratingConnections with smart home decor from Legrand.

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