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Motorized Curtains For Your Home? Yes! And Here’s Why They Are Good

Motorized curtain or blinds can give a final touch to one’s smart home. It can also be fashionable as compared to the traditional curtains. Apart from them being a cool gadget, there are many other benefits as well.

The Convenience Factor

It is certainly very convenient when it comes to operation. One doesn’t need to bother about the cords, hook falling off, curtains falling off, not being able to reach the tall windows, etc. It can be operated with a touch of a button or using your smartphone which is integrated with the smart system of the curtain.

As Part of a Smart Home Solution

Connecting your motorized blinds to your home automation system can afford huge benefits! Skip the clutter and danger of cords and simply shut or open your blinds with a voice command or remote control. So you can enjoy added convenience!

Greening Your Home

Home energy management can be effectively done using such motorized curtains. One can coordinate the position of the shade with the position of the sunlight which can help in energy consumption and also a reduction in the energy bills. A motorized blind can significantly contribute to the effectiveness of the heating or cooling system of the

Enhanced privacy and security

A good motorized blind can also add value to the overall security system of the house. Basis a simple timer system, the positions of the blinds can be changed as per the time thus making the outsider feel that somebody is at home. This feature can be used while you are away for long duration or over the weekend. While such things cannot completely keep your home safe, it can certainly add a certain value to the overall security system of the house.

Protect Your Furniture

A motorized blind if timed can also protect furniture, photos and art from the damage caused by harsh sunlight. The blinds can be scheduled to change their positions basis the time of the sunlight.

While motorized blinds and shades can help transform one’s space and enhance the wow factor of a smart home, it can also reduce energy consumption and thereafter the bill over a period of time. If that’s not all, think of how amazingly futuristic your home will look with blinds that open and shut with a simple command! We are certainly loving the idea!

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