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Move To The New World Of Smart Homes This Ganesh Chaturthi

Move To The New World Of Smart Homes This Ganesh Chaturthi

Home automation is fast becoming the new normal, thanks to the efficiency and speed it offers. Sometimes relatively little changes can have a big impact on our day to day lives at home. It takes integrating home automation devices into one’s daily routine to use technology to automate many elements of your home properly. And what better occasion to start off this new experience with than the festive celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi? After all, lord Ganesh is the god of new beginnings, and there’s no other new experience better than the world of smart homes.

A smart house is one in which all of the utilities and appliances are online and accessible through the homeowners’ smartphones. Smart homes are becoming more and more common as electrical technology advances.
Due to their ability to be remotely monitored, smart homes provide their owners with security and peace of mind. Safety, efficiency, power efficiency, convenience, and leisure are all improved by home automation for homeowners.

We all understand that home remodelling is an investment. Fortunately, the value of a property increases with the grade of the materials used and the level of technology employed. The better your security and efficiency planning, the more secure you’ll be.

It is, therefore, wise to invest in cutting-edge home amenities, and few things hold more possibilities than home automation. By putting in place a comprehensive design for keeping and preserving your house, you might save money while improving your quality of life. While it’s never too late to start incorporating smart home devices into your daily lives, the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi lends an auspicious facet to the event.

Benefits Of Home Automation In 2022

Let’s explore everything that home automation has to offer in more detail.

  • Safety Against Threats
  • Your home and possessions are more secure thanks to a smart home. With the push of a button, its technology gives you complete autonomy over your lights, temperature, and energy. By being able to detect even when a home appliance has indeed been left on, you can avoid dangerous situations like fires.

    Adding to cyber defence, smart homes can provide protection from conventional threats. With the help of a system of sensors and surveillance cameras, they can constantly keep an eye on your property and warn you if a threat materialises, even when you’re not home. Therefore, home automation technology can increase your family’s sense of security while also possibly cutting your insurance costs.

  • Save Money and Energy
  • With the help of smart home technology, you can automatically set your home’s temperature, using less energy to heat and cool it. It can even alert you and make modifications whenever a window is open. In the end, you can reduce your energy bills for climate control.

    You can save time and money in your home by installing a smart system. It will stop unattended equipment and devices from using electricity, allowing you to switch off all lighting, thermostats, and electrical appliances whenever you leave your home. As a result, electricity is not squandered, resulting in a large decrease in your monthly costs.

  • Total Control
  • With something like a smart home system, you can control anything from the heating and lighting to electrical appliances from either a remote device or an application or widget. You can manage all of your domestic chores when you have access to the internet.

    You can control your household ecosystem from anywhere with the help of smart home technology that seamlessly integrates with smartphones. This gives you the opportunity to significantly better your quality of life.

Smart Home Devices To Explore This Ganesh Chaturthi

Seek the blessings of Ganpathi as you set off towards the smart home experiences with these devices.

  • Living Now – Voice Control
  • It has two-touch touchscreen controllers for lighting control and built-in voice control for Amazon Alexa. They include Amazon Alexa’s built-in capabilities, including the timer and reminders, as well as Amazon Music, Audible, and connected functionality, like light control, temperature control, and other things.

  • Living Now – Thermostat
  • It features a connector input where a contact line, like a window contact, can be attached. The living now thermostat makes it possible to manage different system setups and, when fan coils are used, to control fan speed. Additionally, it permits automated operation (winter/summer) with compatible systems.

  • Universal Dimmer
  • Dimmable CFLs and LEDs, among other contemporary loads, are all compatible. The universal dimmer’s nightlight feature makes it ideal for bedrooms or kid’s rooms because it starts off at a predetermined brightness and progressively dims over the course of an hour before going completely out.

    Since it foresees customer needs, offers them a new connected, practical, and intelligent lifestyle, and allows them to connect to future smart cities, the home automation ecosystem is the future’s way of doing things. This “new normal” will increase innovation, and Legrand expects to be there for the ride right along with the blessings of Lord Ganesh!

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