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Progressing Since 1996

Being aware of the rapid developments taking place in global markets, adapting to them, and staying committed to make progress – this is what defines a world-class organization. At Legrand, we are constantly adapting to the changes taking place across the globe. We started as porcelain-tableware Company in France, and today we are the global leader for electrical and digital building infrastructure.

Throughout this journey, one thing has always remained clear, and that is: to keep pushing ourselves to deliver solutions to everyone we interact with – our stakeholders, our customers, our clients.

We hold these years close to our heart; looking at them to remind ourselves of how we started, and how we have reached our current position of influence in the country. Each day, we continue this journey with enthusiasm; excited at what the future has in store for us. There is much more that Legrand has to offer the world – and towards this end, we are always endeavoring.

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