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Tech Savvy At Work – How To Automate Your Home Office

Thanks to technology, working from home is becoming a reality for many office goers across the world. This has resulted in more homeowners investing in home offices or studies to make their workday easier to manage. Adding automation to these spaces can only serve to improve productivity, comfort and ease to the worker. So let’s take a quick look at how home office automation can change the way you work.

Take control of your surroundings

The chief problem with working from home is the atmosphere factor. Setting the room to the right temperature, ensuring the right light and ambience can take precious time out of your workday. With a home office automation system, you can walk into your home office and start work without losing steam. Automation can be used to start the air-conditioning, turn on the lights, draw the blinds and put on your favourite work music before you walk through the door. Time for a video conference? Automation can turn off the music, pull down the blinds and adjust your lighting to give you a convenient ambience to conduct your call, without you running around to do the same or hunting for the remote. A good automation system will also detect your absence in the room and turn off the lights and air-conditioning to save your energy bills.

Control the intrusion

Another drawback of working from home is the distraction factor. Any person who works from home can tell you about the innumerable disturbances caused by the ringing doorbell, family members and more. Automation can help one combat this issue by helping home office workers answer the door from the comfort of their home office without leaving their workspace and being distracted. The door can be remotely opened to allow delivery people to place the packages inside, letting the help in while keeping an eye on the security aspect. Newer technologies also use cellphone locations to identify the user about potential interruptions when one’s family is at home.

No hands required

With technologies like Alexa Calling, picking up a phone to make and answer phone calls will soon be a thing of the past. Officegoers will be able to use these home automation devices to communicate via emails, SMSes and phone calls, without lifting a finger and from the comfort of their home office. Not just communications, automation can also take care of your printing and scanning needs too!

Comforts of home

We’ve all been there, we sit down to work in our home office and realise that the washing machine needs to be turned on, or the dishes need washing or the oven needs to be turned on to be pre-heated. This usually means getting off your desk, trudging to the kitchen or laundry room, turning on the appliance and going back to work, by which time you have already forgotten the idea that you were working on. With home automation, one can do all the above without leaving their desk or losing their train of thought.

Working from home has its benefits and pitfalls. Adding home automation can help reduce the drawbacks and enhance one’s work from home experience.



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