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The 5 Little Steps You Can Take to Make the World a Greener Place

The 5 Little Steps You Can Take to Make the World a Greener Place

We live in a time where it has become essential to consider the consequences of our actions on the environment around us. Being mindful about the energy you consume & the way your actions affect the planet is vital in this day & age.

At Legrand, we build sustainability into everything we do. We are committed to developing solutions that enable high performance buildings, reducing the environmental impact of our own operations and transforming how people live and work — more efficiently, comfortably, and safely.

Last week, Legrand signed a statement by the United Nations Global Compact, alongside 155 multinationals representing a total of 5 million employees worldwide with a strong commitment to reducing carbon emissions, thereby paving the way towards a low carbon, energy positive economy.

For most, saving the planet seems like a mammoth task. In reality, you can help conserve the environment and save positive energy, one small step at a time. Little efforts, such as installing energy-efficient gadgets, unplugging electronics or using automated sensors, IoT & smart home gadgets can reduce your carbon footprint.

Legrand’s 5 Little Steps to Make Your Life Greener

One small step towards the environment is a giant leap towards preserving the planet. Here are the #LittleSteps you can take to #SaveTheWorld:

#1 – Reduce Energy Wastage & Consumption

You must have heard that switching off lights or appliances when they are not in use, can contribute to energy conservation and save money. But did you know just one behaviour adjustment can reduce energy consumption drastically?

Reduce the use of air conditioners in summers. Heating and cooling costs account for nearly half of an average home’s utility bills. Smart thermostats can turn off or reduce heating and cooling while users are asleep or away. It might seem counter-intuitive, but thermostats can give up to 12% energy cost savings. Amazing right?

#2 – Replace Traditional Light Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs consume excessive & unnecessary amounts of electricity. They, therefore, need to be replaced more often than their energy-efficient alternatives. Halogen incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs), use anywhere from 25-80% less electricity, yet last three to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs.

At Legrand, combining design, engineering and energy efficiency is our forte. Our dimmer for LED, CFL and halogen lamps promotes energy conservation. After connecting the dimmer to the BUS and the load, it is possible to adjust the intensity of the light from any appropriately configured control point. The dimmer can adjust the load to 100 different light intensity levels. It is also possible to change the ON time and the minimum level of the power in dimmer mode. Smart LED bulbs are also convenient and can connect to voice devices, helping you automate your home.

#3 – Utilise Smart Power Strips

“Phantom loads” refers to the electricity used by electronics when they are off or in standby mode. These are a significant source of energy waste. 75% of the energy used to power household electronics is consumed when devices are switched off. Smart power strips can be used as energy monitors to shut off electric power when devices are not in use, thereby ensuring a decline in energy usage. Smart power strips can be set to turn off at a specific time, through remote controls, or based on the status of the “master” device.

#4 – Reduce Water Heating Expenses

Water heating is a huge contributor to your total energy consumption. Other than purchasing an energy-efficient water heater, there are two methods to reduce your water heating expenses:

  • Use less hot water or
  • Lower the thermostat on your water heater

If you decide to purchase energy-efficient water heaters, they can be anywhere between 8% to 34% more energy-efficient than a conventional storage water heater.

#5 – Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliances are responsible for roughly 13% of total household energy use. While purchasing smart home devices, two factors should be taken into consideration – the purchase price and annual operating cost. Although energy-saving appliances are usually more expensive, their operating costs are 10% – 25% lower than conventional models.

At Legrand, we are proud to be able to give an example of multiple product ranges that comply with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPDs). Products like Arteor’s switches and sockets, the Lyncus switch , Mylinc switches and sockets , and Myrius switches and sockets all promote energy conservation, upgrading our planet for the better.

Legrand Signs the Declaration of the United Nations Global Compact in Favour of a Greener Recovery

Having signed a joint declaration published on May 5, 2020, by AFEP* in France, placing the environment at the heart of the economic recovery, Legrand is pursuing its commitment internationally.

On May 19, 2020, Legrand signed a statement by the United Nations Global Compact, alongside 155 multinationals representing a total of 5 million employees worldwide. This, in response to the Science-Based Targets initiative, is urging governments to align the imperatives of economic recovery with a strong commitment to reducing carbon emissions, thereby paving the way towards a low carbon economy.

This move echoes Legrand’s CSR Roadmap commitments to accelerating the transition to a greener and more environmentally friendly economy.

*Association Française Des Entreprises Privées

Legrand’s Environment-Conscious Approach

One of the primary tools embracing sustainability is our Product Environmental Profiles (PEP). These are Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) which examine the environmental impact of a product; from design to manufacture to recycling. PEPs are a feature of the nCompass™ Systems suite that has been developed in collaboration between Legrand and Superior Essex. They’ve been utilized effectively by building owners and construction leads who seek to contribute to a sustainable environment. A responsible attitude towards the environment garners credit points for the green building rating systems for the Leadership in Energy Positive routes and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, as also for Green Globes and the Living Building Challenge.

We, at Legrand, are consciously designing and promoting a healthier, more natural approach to living a fuller life. You can too #LittleStepsToSaveTheWorld.

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