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The Ease of Hosting a Grand Indian Wedding

Indian weddings come with an inherent grandiose and a larger than life appeal to them. The Grand Orient Banquet hall in Panchkula has its heart and technology in the right place to set an exceptional ambience for wedding parties.

The banquet illuminates with the state-of-the-art lighting system by Legrand. The DMX controller lets you change the colour of light, an umpteen times, with just the touch of a button. The lighting could be adjusted by using the Scenario Control through IPad to give a subtle vibe during the day and a shimmery touch at night. The Vantage automatically balances the natural light with the light inside the banquet and thereby reduces energy wastage, resulting in 20% power savings.

You could be in any corner of the banquet and yet groove to the vibrant tunes, thanks to the the superior quality music integration by NUVO.

The royal banquet is designed with efficiency and convenience of guests at its core. The lights turn on automatically as soon as someone walks in the washroom or common areas and turn off when someone leaves those spaces. You could enjoy the wedding festivities at your heart’s content, for everything gets taken care of by Legrand’s home automation and lighting system.  

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