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The quintessential working space

For those that juggle with multiple tasks at work in a day, Bhamashah State Data Centre, in the Pink City, Jaipur is the ideal space to be at. It’s a green building that is equipped with amenities that render higher productivity and efficiency and is aligned with the interest of everyone working there.

Bhamashah State Data Centre has a magnificent infrastructure comprising of two buildings having connecting corridors that are operated, managed, and controlled with the touch of a button. The buildings have a stone façade and “jaali” pattern that enable daylight harvesting and energy conservation by creating an optimum balance between the natural light seeping through large windows and the light inside the building.

The free co-working space is availed by several budding entrepreneurs to scale up their entrepreneurial ventures, for Bhamashah State Data Centre facilitates every facet of running a start-up smoothly. The time-scheduling feature eases the procedure of booking a room – an email has to be sent to the server specifying the time and choice of room and the room is booked. With a mere touch of a button, the room gets customised to suit the ambience of a meeting room, a video-conferencing room, or a presentation room. With safety at the heart of it, the building has been constructed as per Griha guidelines and is totally fire-compliant.

Bhamashah State Data Centre has been automated to encourage everyone who aims at attaining highest levels of productivity and efficiency. Have a virtual walk across the hi-tech working space by watching Episode 3 of #AllinAWink.

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