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This Diwali, Give Your Home A Festive Makeover With Legrand

This Diwali, Give Your Home A Festive Makeover With Legrand

Diwali – one of India’s most celebrated festivals.

On this day, houses, neighbourhoods, streets, and shops are decked with beautiful lights. And in each Indian state, the celebrations and customs differ, making this auspicious event diverse yet inclusive. 

It is this inclusivity that makes Indian celebrations connected, in terms of pure, unfiltered, human unification.

But, the festive season is always incomplete without giving your home a jovial makeover. 

Have you dreamt of all the embellishments you want to adorn your house with? And are you too late to transform your dreams into reality?

We think not. All you need is a little help from Legrand’s smart home solutions, and voila, your home will be festive ready in no time.  We boast a superior range of products for almost every festive look, mood, and feel. 

Have a look:

Add Class With The Classe 300

Even though your home may not be overrun by guests this festive season due to the ongoing pandemic, there’s a high chance there will be a few surprise visitors. 

How can you keep a watch on those entering and leaving your home?

With our Classe 300 door phone, of course! This video security system is perfect for any high-class setting, especially since it’s easily accessible through a smartphone. Its sleekness and sophisticated design perfectly blend in with festive surroundings, adding a touch of refinement to your home. 

The Legrand Classe 300 video phone also makes it possible to interact with visitors. It allows users to control access to their homes, on-site or remotely, via their smartphone, tablet or car. This video device is part of Legrand’s interoperability strategy and is compatible with the Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Home. With only a few smart devices, users can ensure not just all-around home security but also home automation. 

Switch Up With Arteor Smart Switches

During the hustle and bustle of Diwali, tinier elements, like wall switches, often take a back seat. 

In reality, such items can breathe life into one’s home and perfectly complement festive decor. 

Legrand’s Arteor wireless switches are secure, efficient and exceptionally aesthetic. They can be placed anywhere around the house, ensuring accessibility and comfort.

Additionally, these internet-connected switches can control LED lights, curtains and other aspects of one’s home with ease.

Stay Healthy With Antibacterial Switches 

In current times, hygiene and infection control should be put first, more so during the festive season. 

Thus, we, at Legrand, have launched Myrius Antibacterial Switches. These modular switches contain Silver (AG+) ions that eliminate the proliferation of bacteria on the product’s surface and offer life-long antibacterial protection. 

Our switches and switch plate covers are quintessential for anyone looking to keep their home bacteria-free, while also adding a splash of colour to their homes!

Pump up the Party With NUVO Sound Systems

Now, to enhance the celebrations! The NUVO Soundbar can turn your Diwali party into a rocking festive celebration. That’s because it’s made up of hi-fi components, connected via Wi-Fi or with wires to the home LAN network. It is specially designed to play digital music in several rooms at once. 

This sound system is an award-winning product line of Legrand which specialises in advanced whole-home audio systems, smart speakers and solutions that deliver a truly unparalleled listening experience. Using a specific free smartphone app and tablet; it is possible to access music playlists in local networks and the best online music streaming services.

Diwali is the ideal time to make merry, immerse in festivities and celebrate with rocking music, and what better way to do that than with the magic of an unparalleled, advanced, home-audio system?

Add Light to the Festival of Lights 

It’s no secret that lighting plays a crucial role, especially during Diwali. 

While many people still choose diyas that light up with ghee, oil or wax, traditional lamps are also available with a twist. LED diyas, LED lights, strips and strings not only save energy but also magically enhance your Diwali decorations and home decor. 

Using an array of lights is always a painless technique to brighten up the corners of a room as well. Utilising a combination of lights such as spotlights, fairy lights or lanterns for a sparkling effect will be sure to turn heads. 

There are several types of LED lights to choose from. At Legrand, we have a range of plug and play LED lights that can be used to alter the ambience of any room effectively.

If you want to stand out from the crowd during the festive season, all you need are a few solutions to turn your home into a smart one.

Our smart home devices can be installed seamlessly, ensuring your home is Diwali-ready in no time!

Join us in #CelebratingConnections this festive season with smart home decor from Legrand. 

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