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What Makes the Smart Home market lucrative in India?

Remember when computers first came to India? A lot of people, not just in India but around the world, were opposed to the idea that a machine was taking over a man’s job. Today, man can’t live without computers.
Indians have always welcomed technology, but it has taken time. The world has implemented smart home automation pretty soon. It’s finally started getting hype in India too!
Numbers will show us that the sale of smart home devices has grown substantially over the last few years. Here’s why the smart home market is lucrative in India:

We love keeping ourselves secure
Indians are known for buying insurance for just about anything – from a smartphone to a car to even a home. Security is always of paramount importance. That’s why we’ve accepted technology like video door monitoring, digital locks and lockers, smart alarms and motion sensing cameras. It’s like smart insurance for your home – and Indians love it. Defence is the best form of attack after all.

Convenience is highly appreciated
If it’s smart, it’s most probably convenient. And convenience is another high-priority benefit for us Indians. An average Indian has to brave at least 8-10 hours at work, and that excludes travel, food and (if possible), spending some time at home. So the more convenient their devices, the happier they are. Smart home devices assure them of the fact that their homes are safe and secure 24/7, which just adds to the convenience.

India is the biggest market right now!
Global smartphone giants recognise the importance of the Indian market. India has become of the biggest and most accessible markets to try out new technology. The penetration of smart phones in India is a testament to the fact. Slowly but surely, this is helping us achieve the dream of 100% home automation in India.

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