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Why Should You Invest In Smart Home Appliances?

Why Should You Invest In Smart Home Appliances?

Change can be difficult at times. Even seemingly insignificant modifications can significantly impact our everyday lives in our houses. Using technology to streamline many aspects of your home effectively entails incorporating smart home devices into your daily life around your home.

Introduction to Smart Homes

A smart home is one where all appliances and other utilities are connected to the internet and can be accessed via the owners’ mobile devices.. As electrical technology has progressed, smart houses have become increasingly popular.
Smart homes give homeowners peace of mind and security by allowing them to monitor their houses while they are away remotely. Home automation enhances a homeowner’s living experience by addressing security, convenience, energy efficiency, comfort, and entertainment.

Overview of the Smart Home Market in India

Through smart home devices and appliances, India’s foray into technology has transformed the lives of a billion people. With the expansion of disposable incomes and the rise of the urban middle class, spending on smart home devices is exponential.

According to Statista, the Indian smart home industry will reach $6 billion by 2022, a two-fold rise from the estimated $3 billion in 2020. By 2022, this figure is predicted to reach $53.45 billion globally. It’s important to remember that India’s smart home market is expanding.
The Indian government has embraced this profitable potential by launching large-scale programmes like the smart cities project, which would cost USD 31 billion between 2015 and 2022. Due to a younger demographic, aspirational environment, and low prices, the notion of smart homes is gaining ground in India.

Benefits of Investing in Smart Home Devices

In many ways, the pandemic has transformed everything we do, from how we work to how we interact to how we go about our daily lives. Furthermore, with people spending more time indoors than ever before, consumers’ desire for ease, safety, and comfort through integrated technology solutions has grown critical. Here are some of the causes driving up demand for smart home devices.

Conserve Energy And Money

Installing a smart system in your house can save you time and money. It will eliminate the use of power by unattended appliances and devices and allow you to turn off all electrical and heating devices and lights when you leave the house. This means that no electricity is wasted, and it will significantly reduce your electricity expenses due to this.


You can handle anything from lights and heating to electrical equipment with a home automation system, all from a handheld remote control or an app. As long as you have internet access, you can handle all your household tasks.

Household Safety

When you invest in a smart home, you can have automated door locks installed, which will improve your home security. Any web-enabled device, such as a phone, tablet, or computer, can be used to control these door locks remotely. With a simple tap of your finger, you can lock your doors.


Having a smart home adds an extra layer of security to your home and belongings. Its technology allows you to have complete control over your lights, heating, and power, all at the press of a button. This lets you see if an appliance has been left on, preventing fires or potentially harmful situations.

Smart Home Devices For Your Home

The only way to start creating a smart ecosystem for your home is to integrate smart home devices into your daily lifestyle.
We present Living Now, a range of smart home automation devices known for its exceptional purity of design. Here are a few products from the range that you should check out.

Living Now – Control Device

Control for regulating one or two ON/OFF operations, the shutter UP/DOWN function, and the dimmer load adjustment.It can also be used as a scenario controller and functions such as turning on the stairwell lights, and turning on the door locks.

Living Now – PIR flush Mounting Motion Sensor

Passive IR movement sensor.
It is suited for detecting the presence in public locations such as corridors and restrooms.

Living Now – Actuator – Control for lights and generic loads

The gadget comprises two parts: one for contacts and one for control, allowing them to be wired individually.
The actuator can also be set up to handle the load attached, simultaneously acting as a “control device” for one or more remote actuators.

Living Now – Actuator/control for rolling shutter

The device can control a remote actuator.
The rolling shutter is also placed in a stored (PRESET) position by the actuator.

The smart home ecosystem is the way of the future because it anticipates customers’ needs and offers them a new lifestyle that is more connected, convenient, and intelligent and the opportunity to connect to future smart cities. With this ‘new normal,’ innovation is destined to rise.
Continuous progress, according to Legrand, is necessary. We anticipate our clients’ demands with technologically innovative items. Consequently, we’ve created a range of wired and wireless home automation systems that are fully customisable and match the most stringent aesthetic tastes.


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