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Brighten Up Your Homes This Diwali with Legrand’s IoT Solutions

Brighten Up Your Homes This Diwali with Legrand’s IoT Solutions

Diwali, the festival of lights, is around the corner. It is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. During Diwali, we all like to revamp and decorate our homes to have a good time with our friends and family.

Wondering what you should do this Diwali to beam up your homes like never before? Opt for Smart Home solutions this Diwali and revamp your lives with the new age of IoT solutions.

Transform Your Lives With Smart Home Solutions:

IoT solutions have been the new craze for the last few years. Smart Home devices allow users to easily perform tasks and offer better control over the connected installations.

IoT solutions stand for the Internet of Things. It is an intricate network of physical objects connected through built-in technologies. IoT solutions are an enabler meant to simplify and transform our lives. Through these IoT Solutions, one can interact with IoT-enabled connected devices from anywhere in the world using a dedicated mobile application.

With IoT solutions, you can easily live up to your dreams by building a smart home for your family. Using Smart Home IoT Solution, users can configure personalised scenes, schedule events, manage the mood lighting, and, importantly, measure energy consumption accurately so that informed decisions can be taken towards avoiding electricity losses. There are ways to control smart home devices, i.e. via mobile application, voice assistance, and physical switch, offering users convenience and better control over the connected installations.

Being a cloud-based solution, it offers an optimum level of cybersecurity and privacy of user’s data by having it hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud servers, and ZigBee communication protocol ensures seamless and secured connectivity among the devices and with the cloud.

Benefits Of Using Iot Solutions:

This Diwali, you can revamp your homes with the multi-fold benefits of IoT solutions as listed below:

    • Convenience:

Wouldn’t it be great to manage your lights, curtains, fans and home appliances through a single app? With smart homes, you can always do that! IoT solutions allow you to control all your devices remotely through your phone to make life easier.

    • Flexibility:

Manage and control your connected devices like fans, lights, curtains and home appliances from anywhere, anytime.

    • Control And Security:

Our solutions are based on ZigBee protocol, which offers an optimum level of cybersecurity and privacy of user data by hosting it on Microsoft Azure cloud servers. The ZigBee communication protocol ensures seamless and secure connectivity between the devices and the cloud.

    • Energy Efficiency:

With our smart home solutions, you can track energy consumption and switch off home appliances from anywhere, thus helping you save on electricity bills.

Build Smart Homes With Legrand’s IoT Solutions:

Legrand brings you a compact and thoughtful IoT solutions range to ensure greater convenience at every point of interaction. Legrand’s IoT solutions is a fusion of designs and engineering that gives rise to unique styles and unmatchable functionalities.

Legrand’s IoT solutions range includes products that are listed below:

  • Allzy Power Unit With 25a Sp Mcb & 16a Plug-3 Module-Matt Black:
    This compact power unit combines convenience and safety. It features a 25A Single Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) with a plug, a 6/16A socket and a pre-mounted 20A Single Pole MCB on a surface box. Compliant with IS: 1293-2019 for sockets and IS: 60898-1:2002 for MCBs, it’s built to last with robust polycarbonate material.
  • Arteor Iot Connected Socket Outletmodule-16a-240v-3680w-1 Module:
    This module seamlessly connects to your electrical system, allowing you to control it wirelessly via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It makes your life easier and helps you monitor your devices’ electricity consumption, all through the Home + Control App.
  • Living Now Legrand Living Now On/Off Light Actuator:
    Flush-mounted actuator with two independent 16A 250V AC relays and a zero-crossing function. Suitable for single or double loads, designed for use with specific digital controls.
  • Living Now Switch/Dimmer:
    The Living Now Switch/Dimmer is a versatile device that lets you control lights locally or remotely. Its dimmer functionality can be activated through the Home+Control app, giving you full control over your lighting.
  • Living Now Voice Control:
    Voice control is a game-changer in the world of home automation. Legrand’s Living Now Voice Control integrates with Amazon Alexa, enabling voice commands for various functions.

Let’s Speak About The Legrand Iot Solution:

When elegance unites with technology, an outcome can be seen as a range of Connected Solutions by Legrand. These modular, retrofit, and wireless solutions make it simple for planners to integrate smart functions such as lighting, shutters, and power outlets in their projects.

Users can choose Legrand IoT solutions from an extensive range across Ultra-premium, mid-premium, and premium offers. There are three brands users can explore, namely Living Now, Arteor, and Myrius, which offer a wide variety of plate finishes that add a touch of beauty to your walls.

In A Nutshell

Smart home technology is perfect for restyling your home this Diwali. Opt for a comfortable, convenient, smart lifestyle for your family this Diwali.

Visit Legrand and indulge in top picks for your Diwali. Choose from our extensive range of IoT solutions and switches and celebrate Diwali with a blast!


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