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Eliot – Everything You Need to Know About Legrand’s Connected Objects Program

Eliot – Everything You Need to Know About Legrand’s Connected Objects Program

Picture this. 

After a long day at work, you’re tired; yearning to return home. 

Upon your arrival, the door opens immediately with one click, and as you enter, the lights switch-on automatically. 

The air conditioning is already at a set temperature according to the weather – just how you prefer it. 

To top it all; there’s already a brewing hot cup of coffee waiting for you.

You can now relax comfortably on your favourite chair and sip your coffee as you relax peacefully after an exhausting day. 

Doesn’t this sound like a life of pure comfort and ease? 

Well, it’s precisely what the Internet of Things (IoT) can do for your home. The fundamental aim of installing a smart home system is to make life simpler and more comfortable so that you can remain happy. 

What Is the Internet of Things? 

In layman terms, the Internet of Things refers to billions of devices around the world that are connected to wireless networks and the internet. 

These IoT devices collect and sensor data, and with the help of machine learning can perform specific tasks. Tasks are based on the data collected by it through your actions. E.g., when room temperatures reach a certain point, and you switch on the air conditioning, IoT devices understand this behavioural pattern and can switch on the air conditioning at that particular temperature by itself in the future. 

Due to the easy availability of computer chips and data network, it has become so easy to transform any object into an IoT device. It is an industry where various businesses are investing in highly, for it is not only easy-to-use but also cost-effective and saves energy. 

Through the help of AI systems, various tasks like language translation, voice recognition, problem-solving, etc. can be undertaken, all without any human intervention. On the other hand, the Internet of Things helps in connecting gadgets to a network. When paired with AI, IoT platforms open up vast opportunities for innovation.

What Is Legrand’s Eliot Program?

Eliot is a connected program launched by Legrand in 2015

According to Benoît Coquart, CEO of Legrand, “Eliot lies at the core of Legrand’s development strategy. Thanks to our connected dynamic, we improve the experience of our users every day in all of their living spaces, thus contributing to the connected building revolution.” 

The program aims to:

  • Develop new products that are natively connected;
  • Promote the dissemination in commercial sectors as well as for private individuals in the home, to bring added benefits for the users and professionals;
  • Propose advanced and ergonomic solutions, ensuring privacy and security: a cloud-based approach with ultra-secure applications ensures that privacy and data security are at the core of the Eliot dynamic.

In 2019, the program contributed €819 million from the sale of cloud-based connected devices. 

Now, due to Eliot, millions of Legrand users (end-users as well as professionals) are connected and living intelligently every day. 

What Are the Main Principles of Legrand’s Eliot Program?

Legrand’s Eliot program has 3 main principles:


1. Enhancing the Product’s Value in Use

The aim of Eliot is not only the production of connected devices. The communication capacity added to the product should increase the benefit for the user.

2. Designing Simple Devices That Are Intuitive and Easy to Install

Simplicity characterises our products, along with their ease of use and installation. 

3. Respecting the User

Consistent with its values, respect for the user is imperative for us. Eliot thus contributes to preserving the confidentiality of data.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Eliot in My Home?

As an innovation driver, Eliot is integral to Legrand’s strategy of continuous innovation.

It aims to develop new connected solutions and provide digital and electrical infrastructures. These solutions need to communicate with each other in residential and commercial buildings.

Eliot connected solutions create added value-in-use, especially in the areas of:

  • Safety,
  • Comfort & Well-Being
  • Energy Management and
  • Assisted Living


Why Is Eliot an Economical Option for Smart Homes?

With the help of Eliot, we, at Legrand, have been successful in developing a multitude of connected solutions that have added value to our users. 

The program has provided extreme comfort to people in their homes at prices, which, compared to the market, are incredibly economical.

Due to Eliot, users are also saving energy. The minute you enter a room, the IoT cloud platform senses and switches on the lights. Similarly, when you exit, lights are automatically switched off. 

Thus, these devices only use the energy they require, effortlessly ensuring energy conservation.

Which of Legrand’s Connected Devices Should I Install?

We, at Legrand, have an array of connected devices to choose from. Some of our favourites are given down below:


1. Arteor

A range of connected switches; Arteor, is an inspired solution for a networked and intelligent home to establish harmony across a spectrum of functions.

2. Nuvo Audio Player

A superior home audio experience is closer than you think with the flexible, versatile, and high performing Nuvo Player Portfolio.

3. Classe 300

Our connected door phones are capable of seamlessly integrating connections between the indoor and outdoor world.

Whether you want to programme your smart home to ensure better connectivity between devices, enjoy the benefits of home automation systems or transform your home into the interconnected web you’ve always dreamed of having, Legrand is here to help

We specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of IoT for residential use. 

For the answers to all your IoT, get in touch with us today!


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