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Home Trends To Watch Out For In 2022


Interior design is taking center stage in 2020, as more people are spending time at home; and this trend is only expected to continue in 2021. Architects and designers are increasingly aware of their responsibility in improving their clients’ well-being, as they search for the best solutions for their interior design projects.

Owing to this, we’ve put together a list of interior design trends to watch for during and beyond 2020:

#1 – Biophilic Design

Indoor plants have added a new layer of depth to interior design. To maintain a certain level of connection with nature; biophilic room design aims to integrate nature into home architecture to improve our health, wellness, psyche and overall ecosystem. Thus, the installation of hanging plants, reclaimed wood, and green walls are slowly gaining popularity.

#2 – Elements of Fringe

Think fringes are restricted to clothes? Think again. Off the runway and into your home, fringe detailing on your furniture, fixtures and mirrors is one of the hottest trends of 2021. Fringe is fun and different. This decorative frill glorifies even the most traditional accents in an instant.

#3 – Velvet Tones

Goodbye corduroy and satin and hello velvets! Keeping in line with the overall modern luxe trend in home decor; velvet upholstery is taking the world by storm. Elegant, luscious and oh-so-rich, velvet furniture is the ultimate luxe statement for any home.

#4 – Tactility With Textures


Textures are what truly makes a room pop! One of the ruling trends of 2021 is tactility. This indicates rattan and wicker woods, lots of embellishments, raw edges and appliqué details and more!

#5 – “Chubby” Design

Chairs, coffee tables, couches and even lamps are showing their best voluminous curves, giving homes a youthful, contemporary look. This new trend is led by furniture with rounded edges and tubular forms. Also known as neotenic design, from the concept “neoteny”; this style is based on the exaggeration of childlike features. 

#6 – Bold, Striking Walls

Things are changing in the home decor segment as the focus shifts from pale pastels to moody interiors. Think deep greys, rich blues, emerald greens and more. Limit them to an accent wall that gets a lot of sunlight.

#7 – Colourful Bathrooms

In parallel to the more frequent use of bright and bold colours on walls and furniture, bathrooms have also begun to embrace colour in a daring yet elegant fashion. Architects and designers are lifting the energy inside these living spaces by using the Pantone Colour of the Year, such as classic blue coupled with light pink, golden yellow, and olive green.

#8 – Arches


Aligned with Biophilic Design trends, arches appear as a modern way to add curves and organic shapes inside homes, not only through actual archways but also through decorative patterns painted on walls.

Arches in your home can be magnified even further with the help of LED lights. LED strips and strings not only save energy but also magically enhance interior design. There are several types of LED lights to choose from. At Legrand, we have a range of plug and play LED lights that can be used to alter the ambience of the room.

#9 – Metallic Hues

Looking to give your home a sleek, trendy, new look? Then this trend is for you! Metallic accents are shifting from rose golds and coppery tones to brassy hues for a richer look and feel. This can easily be achieved by adding a few metallic elements such as lampshades, mirror frames, switch plates and other accessories.

#10 – Vintage Lights

Vintage lighting is a significant home design trend that has emerged recently. Not being limited to Edison bulbs anymore, vintage lights involve embracing elements like copper, brass, bronze and more to give your sacred space an old-timer, ageless charm.

You can try something new, for example, using lanterns. Put your unused, old glass jars to good use. This pocket-friendly trick will make your decor stand out even further. To turn these jars into lanterns, place small LED bulbs inside and beautify it with glitter. Hang them around or keep them in different corners of the house for a finished look. 

#11 – Terrific Terrazzos

It’s safe to say that terrazzo is the new marble. Its durable composition makes it perfect for countertops, backsplashes and floors while its colourful design adds bursts of sophistication to your home. While the charm of marble still remains, terrazzo is fast catching up as a trendy alternative. 

Adding to the above trends; interior home decor has also paved the way for exciting innovations. Smart Home Technology and Augmented Reality are changing the conventional idea of home experience. 

IoT and AI are doing wonders for the smart home automation market, and the best is yet to come! As technology continues changing, smart home interior design possibilities are endless and are going to revolutionize the idea of a perfect home.

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