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Our Environment-Conscious Approach

We live in a space and time where it has become absolutely necessary to consider the consequences of our actions, on the environment around us. Nature has thrived and will survive, long after humankind ceases to exist. The least we can do is make the most of the time we have with nature – if not by giving back, than at least taking less from Her.

At Legrand, eco-consciousness is at the very core of our being. One of the primary tools embracing sustainability is our Product Environmental Profiles (PEP). These are Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) which examine the environmental impact of a product throughout its life-cycle – from design to manufacture to recycling.

The intent behind creating these declarations is to encourage manufacturers to critically examine the products they are creating, using, and promoting. With this information, these manufacturers can either better the existing products basis the environmental declarations, or upgrade them in ways that are better for both people, and our planet.

Product Environment Profiles (PEPs) are a feature of the nCompass™ Systems suitethat has been developed in collaboration between Legrand and Superior Essex. They’ve been utilized effectively by the building owners and construction leads who seek to contribute to a sustainable environment. A responsible attitude towards the environment garners credit points for the green building rating systems for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, as also for Green Globes and the Living Building Challenge.

Locally, we are proud to be able to give an example of multiple product ranges that comply with the EPDs – products and ranges like Arteor’s switches and sockets, the Lyncus switch, Mylinc switches and sockets, and Myrius switches and sockets.

One small step towards the environment, a giant leap towards preserving the planet – this is how we’re consciously designing and promoting a healthier, more natural approach to living a fuller life.

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