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The Aesthetic Office Is Just A Smart Decision Away!


The Aesthetic Office Is Just A Smart Decision Away!
When employees walk into an office they should instantly fall in love with its looks and design. Considering most of the day is spent here, small things can go a long way when it comes to aesthetics and décor. Nobody wants to work in a drab space with no natural light or sit at desks that don’t have a proper charging station. A few things here and there can turn any commercial location into a well-designed workspace. The point is if you wish to build an inviting space for your client, where their employees will come and be at their most productive, you have to plan the space intelligently and also keep in mind the psychology of using spaces. Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to design a welcoming commercial space that stands out on its own.

1. Light

Lighting is important not just in the context of a commercial space, but also residential. Ample amount of natural light is essential to improve the overall feel-good factor of the space. Plus, it keeps the mind fresh, and helps keep the atmosphere bright and cheerful. Huge windows can be accentuated with light coloured walls to bounce the light off. Additionally, choosing the right artificial lights is also important. White lights dull the atmosphere a little, so a mix of daylight and white lights should work best.

2. Space

Like light, the next important thing to consider is the space. Especially the division of spaces, as employees live and work in that space for most of their day. A clear distinction should be made between the core work area, breakout space, pantry, canteen, etc. A breakout space, especially, is extremely necessary as employees deserve a space where they can relax or play a game or two in between heavy work sessions. Also, you need to ensure that the core work area is minimal and allows a lot of free space for people to walk around without bumping into others’ desks or chairs, as it can lead to unnecessary distractions while working.

3. Infrastructure

Talking about an office, the most important thing people need is a proper working space that is designed to accommodate their needs. That means, a proper cable management system, the desks, the ports, the projectors, wiring accessories, the sockets; everything has to be in place so that it is easily accessible. Nobody likes to waste time looking for a socket on their desks, or hunting for a place to plug in their laptops in the conference room during presentations.

These things will help you design a beautiful office space that is both aesthetically pleasing yet functional in every way. Cable management systems from Legrand help you achieve the ideal balance between beauty and functionality in the space that you’re designing. The benefits of having designed such an office is that employees feel good about being in the space, and are able to contribute more in terms of productivity and creativity because of the atmosphere around them.

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