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Do More With Your Voice – How A Voice Assistant Can Help You Live The Best Life

A voice assistant is fast becoming the choice du jour for people who desire a smart addition to their home. However, not many people are aware of what exactly these smart speakers can do. So let’s take a look!

#1 Be practical: Need a quick calculation done? Want to convert cups to grams while baking? Just ask your voice assistant. These smart speakers can also help you translate and define words without having to hunt for the dictionary app.

#2 Be on time: Heading out to work? Ask your voice assistant about the traffic conditions so you know which roads to take or avoid. Or just book an Uber. Your voice assistant can do that too! Need to be on time? Set alarms and timers and never be late again!

#3 Check your calendar: You know you have something planned for next day, but you’re already in bed and simply can’t bring yourself to power up your laptop. No worries, just ask your voice assistant and it will let you know!

#4 Control smart home gadgets: Turn the lights on and off, get your coffee ready on time each morning and interact with your other smart devices, a voice assistant can do it all!

#5 Get recommendations: In a new city and unsure about the neighbourhood? Your voice assistant can pull up reviews and recommendations of the nearby restaurants and service places to help you out!

#6 Be entertained: Play trivia games, music and turn on the TV, all through a voice assistant. It can tell you the scores, read out the news and tell you about the weather forecast too!

#7 And much more: Voice assistants are evolving constantly by adding more and more features as the days go by, you can use it to do more for you!

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