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Interior design inspirations 2018

Whether you’re planning a long overdue makeover or simply staying keeping up with the trends, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not. With interior design changing rapidly from one year to another, here are a few trends that we feel are here to stay.

#1 The ceiling is where it’s at: While the concept of painted ceilings are certainly not new, the 2018 ceiling is here to raise the roof, literally. Wallpaper, painted, tiled or decorated, ceilings are making people look up and take note. For best results, keep the rest of the walls minimally decorated or lightly painted to avoid a cluttered look.

#2 Spa it up: We cannot emphasise the trendiness of spa bathrooms this season. Opulent, lush and sophisticated, spa bathrooms are hot on the list of everyone who wishes to create a restful sanctuary in their home. Think deep jacuzzi baths, earthy tones and metallic fixtures.

#3 The other marble: Move over marble, terrazzo is where it is at! Just as durable and colourful, terrazzo is the in marble replacement that your home needs for its backsplashes, countertops, floors and more!

#4 Tactile textures: 2018 is the year of the texture and there is no doubt about it! From embellishments to rattans, wickers, velvet upholstery and leather, tactility is in in a huge way. So if you’ve been planning to invest in that deep forest green velvet sofa, go ahead!

#5 The saturation point: The time for pale pastels are over, the trend this year is to go dark. Saturated hues such as emeralds, rich blues, purples and reds are making their way into the it lists. So look for deep red sofas, dark walls and more.

#6 Into the deep dark wood: With the Scandi trend and its pale wood on it’s way out, it’s time for your wood to go dark. Invest in darker woods like mahogany, oak and textured walnut pieces to give your home a sense of depth and a look that is straight out a gothic novel.

#7 In a field of flowers: Florals never really go out of style, but the trend this year has exaggerated proportions, contrasting colours and warm accents.

#8 Bold as brass: 2018 is the year we finally say goodbye to stainless steel and welcome brassy accents back into our lives. The retro warmth of brass is a wonderful way to add an unexpected touch of vintage glamour to your home. Try it in your bathroom and living room accents like lamps, mirror frames and more.

#9 The concrete home: A classic case of bringing the outside in, the concrete trend takes inspiration from the concrete jungle we live in to create a minimalistic, crisp look. Think of concrete chairs, tabletops and stools as a way of adding industrial chic to your home.

#10 By vintage light: Vintage lighting, like florals, are hard to push out of style, but instead of the Edison bulb, this year’s trend focuses more on scones, holders, pendants and chandeliers with copper accents.


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