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Clever Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Space


Our busy and crowded cities make the very idea of an outdoor space a blessing. A small patch of green in the concrete jungle uplifts the heart and refreshes the soul to face the workday. Whether it is a tiny balcony or a large garden, here are a few ideas that you can implement to transform your outdoor space into your sanctuary.

For balconies:

Let’s face it, most of us live in sky-touching highrises that allow us a tiny scrap of a balcony to indulge our sense of outdoors. But just because you’re stuck with a balcony, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to transform it into a green and stylish haven. One of the first things to do is add some greenery. You should start this process by identifying the direction of your balcony. Flowering plants do better on west and south facing balconies as they get a steady amount of sunshine every day. North-facing balconies are great for foliage and shade loving plants and east facing balconies are great for plants that require tender sunlight. If you don’t have enough space to grow your plants, consider going vertical with vertical plant holders. Small accessories like lamps, candles and garden sculptures all contribute to the charm. A small chair, a colourful rug and some clever lighting and your balcony is set to be the showpiece of your home.

For gardens:

If you’re one those incredibly lucky people to have a garden in your home then the world is your oyster. Here are some of the ideas that you can utilise to create the stylish space of your dreams.

Outdoor grill: For those who love to entertain, an outdoor grill area makes for a great place for friends and families to congregate as they soak in the sun and enjoy freshly grilled food.

Patios and porches: Confused about the difference between a porch and a patio? A porch is always attached to a house and serves as an entryway to it, while a patio can or cannot be attached to the house and is usually ground-level. Both make for an excellent space to relax and the addition of furniture to this space can only add to its charm. When choosing furniture to add to your outdoor spaces, remember to select weatherproof ones to ensure they last a long time. Materials like wrought iron, rattan and wicker are wise ideas for the outdoor space. Adding a few colourful pots and garden accessories can also enhance the look of your porch or patio.


A gazebo or a pergola is undeniably the most romantic addition to a garden and the most multifunctional. The addition of a small dining set in the space can transform it into a wonderful place for a family breakfast or tea time. You can also add comfy outdoor couches to the space if relaxing is more your thing, and for those who love outdoor naps, a gazebo with a swing bed makes the perfect sense!
Pools: Everyone dreams of having a pool in their backyard, but if swimming is not your thing then that doesn’t mean that you can’t have one! Water features like lily ponds and mini waterfalls add a tranquil, almost zen-like aura to your garden. Animal lovers can also use the pool to cultivate a koi pond that for a touch of exotic colour.

No matter the size of your space, clever planning and a fertile imagination are all you need to transform your space into a peaceful zone that draws away the weariness of the day and fills you with joy.

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