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Switch Plate Covers & Fixtures to Brighten Your Home in 2022

The thought of redesigning your home’s interior design to match every passing season can seem like an intimidating task. But after a while, staring at those oh-so-familiar whitewashed walls becomes monotonous, and change is inevitable. 

With the right steps, refurbishing your home with minimal effort is straightforward, practical and rarely requires a large investment.

The Magic of Modular Switch Plates 

Question – what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of redesigning your home? 

Did you say fresh paints or decorative wallpapers? Well, you’re not alone. Homeowners usually spend most of their time obsessing over paint colours or sophisticated wallpapers. It’s safe to say that switch plate covers are often forgotten in the bargain. 

We’re here to reiterate the fact that giving your switch plates a little more attention can elevate your walls from the “regular” to stylishly designed.

With Legrand, highlighting corners and dull spaces with unique switch plates has never been easier. Ensure perfect ambient corners for every room and every occasion and Live the Advantage of Connected Living.

So, how can you choose switch plates to complement your interior decor and add a breath of fresh air to your otherwise bare walls? We have just the guide for you:

Go Metallic: 

Investing in a bottle of metallic spray paint and conducting your very own in-house home decor DIY project may seem like it’s the easiest thing to do. 

But beware, always make sure to opt for a tone that compliments other metal accents in the room. If your room is scattered with elements of brass, adding stainless steel to the mix wouldn’t be such a good idea. 

Choose Leather:

Plates with a leather finish, for instance, could go with leather sofas. Woven design plates could go with woollen interior decor. Don’t forget to keep your interiors in mind before investing in leather switch plate covers. They require special upkeep and are prone to wear and tear but give you the best vintage effect if that is what you are looking for.

Add Contrast With Black:

Are you tired of those same old whitewashed walls? For contrast and a bit of mystery, using black switch plates can exude a sense of classiness. Their punchy, graphic properties will be sure to grab the attention of visitors. 

Solid Colours:

Using solid coloured light switch covers has become increasingly popular. Legrand’s “No Problem” Britzy Switch comes with an array of colour plates to choose from. Complimenting your interior design with Britzy’s range of shock-proof, safe switches has never been easier!

For lighter whitewashed rooms, white plates are an ideal choice. For darker shades of any colour, contrasting or bold colour plates will be sure to stand out. 

Patterns Or Textures: 

Many a time, walls painted with solid colours are calling out for a change — something to make them stand out in the crowd. Textures are becoming exceedingly popular, from bricks to paper mache to raw concrete. Specific patterns like clear skies, stars and florals can also add that well-deserved pop of colour to your switch plates.

To get a flawless, seamless look, switch plates are extremely easy to install.  

Don’t be afraid to experiment with unique and striking colour switch plates. Changing up the look of your home from time to time can be a blessing in disguise.

In case you still aren’t convinced, here are a few more reasons to choose wall plates:

More Choices:

Light switch plates and outlet covers are available in multiple different varieties for all your interior aesthetic needs. 


Switch plates won’t crack, peel or discolour over time. Furthermore, these outlet covers will not bow or distort when installed.

Elegant View: 

You get what you pay for! Switch plates have a high gloss finish that looks flawless. They also have a smooth, semi-gloss baked enamel finish that’s perfect for your home.

Our beautifully crafted plates & frames provide a sturdy and elegant look to all wiring devices. Designed with detail, these frames highlight the contour and never let your wall look dull.

Pairing these aesthetic wall plates with Legrand’s range of smart light switches can redefine your home with intelligent solutions, turning it into a smart home. You can also enjoy the advantages of voice control and lighting control through Legrand’s range of Arteor Smart Switches!

Check out how a young couple has upgraded their home with Legrand’s Arteor Switch Plates.


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