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The House that thinks. The Home that feels.

Legrand India launches a Lifestyle Infotainment series in partnership with GoodTimes on TV and digital channels – ALL IN A WINK

This series focuses on various applications of Automation in today’s time of evolving spaces. These walkthrough episodes will take you through some of the key projects of Legrand across Hospitality, Commercial and Residential spaces in different cities of India. In the first episode, you witness an intelligent home in Mangaluru that is in harmony with its owner’s needs. What do you experience in this space?

  1. PRIVACY AND OPENNESS: With Legrand’s remote management system, the blinds ascend with the click of a button to let you enjoy the lush green view outside the window, yet remain unperturbed by the worldly chaos.
  1. ENERGY MANAGEMENT: The home is as sensitive to the environment as it is to its inhabitants. The sunlight sensor by Legrand balances the natural light seeping in through the window and the light of the house to avoid energy wastage.
  1. SURVEILLANCE: When you’re on vacations, Legrand’s lighting system will activate alarms to switch the lights on and off randomly giving any outsider an impression that there are people at home.
  1. REMINDERS: You would not disappoint your loved ones even if you have a problem remembering dates, by feeding in special dates in the automation system and setting alarms for the same.
  1. PARKING SENSORS: The lights turn on automatically as soon as the car enters the parking space, as if giving a warm welcome.

If these wonders of automation seem too good to be true, then watch them for yourself in Episode 1 of All In A Wink on our Youtube channel.

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