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Here are 5 tips for a quick festive makeover!

Diwali is one of the most important Hindu festivals in India, and colourful customs and meanings associated with it can vary depending on where you travel in the country. The festival of lights is celebrated by lighting oil lamps, bursting crackers and celebrating our deeply rooted connections.

Once again, it’s that time of the year! With an inflow of guests, your home is one of the major highlights of Diwali. Redoing your entire house can often be a difficult task, but sometimes even a few elements can completely change the look of your home.

Here are some 5 elegant yet quick decorating tips:

Lighten Up
The festival of lights is incomplete without proper lighting. A diya is an everlasting Diwali symbol, so go for embellished diyas with sequins and glitter. While people still choose diyas that lightup with ghee, oil or wax, the traditional lamp is also available with a twist – LED diyas, LED lights, strips and strings, etc. Not only do they help you save electricity, but they also give your house a modern look. You can also add more light to your windows and doors with paper and glass lanterns, or ornate light fixtures.

Customize the Corners
Always remember, the corners have feelings too! We’ve spoken earlier about decorating corner spaces. Today, we’ll tell you how to add a festive touch to them. You could go for a muted colour palette with a tinge of neon or a mix of vibrant neons. Neons can breathe life into any corner. It brings a fresh vibe to your interiors and adds a unique festive energy to the corners. This festive season, let bold be beautiful!

Table Decoration
The centre table is the attraction of your living room. It really bumps up the festive vibes. Even the most minimal decoration can make your table fancy. Just add an appropriate tablecloth, a small statuette or other showpieces along with colourful candles. Voila! Your centre table is Diwali-ready.

Dress Up Your Walls
A dash of quirkiness and vibrancy can turn plain walls into festive ones! Play around with the colour palette – maybe paint one wall in a brighter shade and others in light tones. You could even go for fancy wallpapers or wall decals, which are in vogue and probably are inexpensive options. Go for traditional motifs and patterns. Wall hangings, fairy lights, wall murals, paintings, mirrors – any one of these can beautify your walls.

Upholstery Upholds the Festive Fervour
New home furnishings, like bedsheets, pillows, carpets, furniture coverings and curtains can bring the Diwali festive spirit alive in your home. For instance, say you can’t get your dull bedroom repainted in time for Diwali. All you need to do is probably put up a bright painting, throw in some coloured cushions, wrap a cotton decorative sari as your curtain and there you are! Your room suddenly looks a lot brighter without you having to spend too much time (or money).

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