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Here’s how you can celebrate connections this Diwali smartly!

Knocking on the doors is a festival that’s one of the grandest celebrated all across India. Once again, the lights will blaze in the silent sky. The swaying bands of the colours outside must not dim the brilliance of the lights in your home sweet home!

Here are a few quick tips for you to ensure that your interior lights this Diwali match up with the lights outside:

Switches that upgrade your house.
Don’t you feel that the old switches look boring now? It’s not just about aesthetics, as much as it is about functionality. What if your neighbours installed Arteor switches or Legrand remote switches? Can you settle for a normal traditional house when all your neighbours are or will be upgrading their homes with the latest appliances? Get the feel of a connected home this Diwali with the state-of-the-art modular switches for home. The next time your guests come in, control every light with your smartphone and watch them go ‘wow’!

Smart lights are the talk of the town.
The rise in smartphones also helped bring other smart devices to the fore! Smart lights and bulbs, just like other smart devices, can be controlled with your smartphone. Plus, these are available in all the colours in demand. You can get smart decorating lights for your interiors, which are available in multi-coloured strips, capable of providing a dimming and brightening effect. Sync them with Legrand remote control switches and get ready to bask in all your Diwali glory.

Diwali is the festival of lights. Let’s live up to its name and celebrate it smartly by making our houses smarter and more connected to us.

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